Wednesday, June 24, 2009


I don't have a lot of pictures from what we've done lately, but we've been busy as always.

Last Friday night after Brandon's soft ball game we dragged the mattress downstairs and had a sleepover in our family room. It was so fun and we also learned that we will never have a TV in our bedroom! Otherwise we will never sleep. :)

We went to the Oquirhh Mountain Temple open house last Saturday. Didn't take any pictures.

Sunday we were able to spend time with both of our dads. Why anyone ever moves away from family is beyond me. I'm lucky I married someone whose family lives close to mine.

I woke Brandon up on Father's Day with a breakfast of bacon, hole in the wall, and orange juice. I resisted taking a picture. I was tempted though. :)

I also bought him a Wii for Father's Day. If you come over to our house you might find us doing a little of this:

Next up. Buying at least another controller and some more games. Suggestions are welcome.

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Thursday, June 18, 2009

I Love Living in Utah

I know a lot of you think that sounds crazy, to love living in Utah, but I think this place is the BEST and I never want to leave.

Last night we went to a dinner in Salt Lake with Ross and Haley. We go to a lot of these dinners with Nu Skin tickets. Last night it was a Larry H. Miller something something Diabetes Awareness night. It was at the Grand America Hotel. The food was amazing, the program was actually good, and we were surprised to see that Elder. M. Russell Ballard was speaking. How cool is that? And when does that happen outside of Utah?

Yes, I took pictures of my food. :)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

3 Years

Yesterday Brandon and I celebrated our 3 year anniversary. It was the best day ever!

When I got to work in the morning I saw these flowers on my desk and I was like wow, Brandon got me flowers! I can't believe it. But then I read the card and realized they were from one of the doctors I work for who is leaving us and wanted to thank me for everything. Ha ha. Good timing though! They are beautiful.

I worked a total of 3.87 hours yesterday. That, in and of itself, would have made it a great day. But there was so much more to it.

Brandon came to my work and we enjoyed sandwiches from Jason's Deli. We left work early at around 3 I think, went home and relaxed, walked on the Provo River Trail for about 5 minutes before we were swarmed with mosquitoes, went and did a little shopping (you can tell you've been married for 3 years when the items you look at in the store are a shower curtain, shoes, blenders, toasters, and romantic).

Here we are at the river before we {literally} made a run for it back to our car to escape the mosquitoes.

Later in the evening we went to eat at our very favorite restaurant, Tepanyaki. The only place on the planet where meat melts in your mouth. We ended up sitting at the same table as my cousin Jenny who I haven't seen forever. It was random, but really fun.

After dinner we went and saw Angels and Demons (highly recommend it) and coming out of the movie we saw Jenny and her date AGAIN. So funny.

Thanks Bran for such a fun day yesterday! We sure have been through a lot these last 3 years, and I know no one else in the world could handle being married to me so I'm very grateful to have Brandon in my life. He is such a great husband!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Cabin Adventures

Well, I had a great weekend at the cabin. It was so weird on Friday to think I could have just still be sitting in my desk at my office but instead I was up in the mountains in the middle of nowhere with no cell phone coverage, TV, electricity, or even plumbing. I always love being up there. It's such a magical place for me.

Here's a deer that was as close to the cabin as I'd ever seen one. I still get as excited to see deer as I used to as a little girl.

We played tons of card games and board games. I love how Josh holds his cards. In a big jumble. I was teasing him about it and he said "well, I can see all of them." And I guess that's the point.

Apparently when Ella takes a nap she rolls up like a little potato bug. It was so cute!

Brandon and Holly cracking nuts for the chipmunks (or as Ella calls them, "chikmunks").

Me and Bran by the stream.

Me and Bran by the lake (pictures courtesy of Holly).

We spent a ton of time on Friday and Saturday playing Sardines. I had never heard of it before but it's hide and seek with a little twist. One person hides and everyone else splits up to go look for them. When you find the person that's hiding, you hide with them, until everyone has found the hiding spot. It was seriously so much fun. The boundaries were a pretty big radius around the cabin. The possibilities were endless.
This was probably the best hiding spot. Brandon, Josh, and my dad walked right past them and didn't see them. Oh, it was hilarious.

Hiding in the shed...

My parents are so cute!
I normally would have been freaked out to get down on the ground or hide right in the bushes because I know there are so many spiders and bugs everywhere, but this game was worth it! We laid flat down on the ground, hid in all sorts of bushes, and even underneath the cabin and I survived. We will definitely be playing this game again in the future!

We didn't have running water or lights but it was still fun to be up there! Can't wait to go back. Oh, the cabin is in Fairview Canyon. I think it was Megan that asked.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Calling it a Week

Well, I'm calling it a week and starting my weekend early. In a few hours I am heading here:

Unfortuntately, the pipes are broken so for the next 2 days I will be going to the bathroom here:

And getting water from this mountain:

Hopefully it's still fun. Can't wait till Brandon joins me there tomorrow!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Action Packed Weekend

May was such an awesome month. To tell you just how awesome, I have 272 pictures in my May folder. A lot went on.

We ended the month with a really busy, really fun weekend. Friday night we went to our friends Michael and Ashli's place to hang out with them. We grilled burgers, played some old school games (Yahtzee) and some new school games (Wii) and then watched Transformers. It was such a fun night and long over due.

Saturday we slept in till 11 (ahhh...the joys of not having kids. and the effects of me staying up till 2:30 and Bran staying up till 5:30) and then babysat these two beauties.

Haley. Just chillin' on the porch eating a popsicle (summer time rocks).

Here's sweet Brynlee who has now learned to sit up and was so much fun to play with.

Saturday night we went to a murder mystery dinner at Ross and Cyleste's house. It was a ton of fun. The theme was guys and dolls.

Here's the whole group.

Me and Bran. His character was Johnny Angel, and mine was Barby Q.

For dinner we created our own shish kabobs and they were absolutely a-MAZ-ing.

Everyone made fun of me for taking pictures of the food but I just couldn't help it!

Why does anyone EVER go out to eat?

Sunday was good too. We spent the rest of the day after Church at Brandon's parents house having dinner and playing games.
And now. Another 4-day work week. On Thursday after work I am heading out to the cabin! Woo hoo!