Friday, March 5, 2010

The Latest

Just because I haven't posted on here in a while, doesn't mean fun stuff isn't happening. Life has been good and fairly busy. I haven't been as good lately at taking pictures and I don't usually blog without pictures.

Looking back, I'm trying to think what it is we've been up to. We went to a BYU basketball game the other week, we have weekly Survivor parties at Jason and Shannon's on Thursdays, and what else, oh yeah, we spent a lot of time watching the Olympics.
This week we had a few birthdays to celebrate. My sister Heidi and Brandon's mom share a birthday of March 3rd. Monday night all of Brandon's family got together for FHE and we watched Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. Hate the title, thought the movie was funny. Tuesday we had pizza and birthday cake for Karen's birthday.
On Wednesday we (well, Kristen) planned a little bowling party for Heidi's birthday. Heidi turned 26 but she's as excited about her birthday as a 5 year old. I think she had a really good time.
The Birthday Girl...
It had been a long time since a lot of us had been bowling. It took a few turns to remember how different it is in real life than on the Wii. :)
We missed Summer, Mark, and Brandon at the party.
Brandon had to go to Denver for the last 2 days for work so I made sure to get some sleepovers in. I loved having sleepovers when I was little and I haven't grown out of it yet. On Wednesday night I slept over with my sister Kristen. We could talk for 24 hours straight without running out of things to say. She helped me frame a cross stitch I made for my baby and I'm so excited about it!
Then last night my friend Jessica slept over at my house. We went out and got ice cream at Sub Zero and then went and saw the Princess and the Frog at the dollar movies. It was pretty funny, I really liked it. And it was perfect because I know Brandon never would have watched it with me.
Now we are just getting super excited for Brandon's brother Dallin to get married next Friday. It's going to be so fun with all the family back in town.
Only 8 weeks left to go with this pregnancy. I want to enjoy every minute, it's going by too fast!


Jensen Family said...

heidi!! i miss heidi! she always knew how to make me smile and laugh. happy bday to her! and to brandons mom too :) bowling is always a good time

Kim and Preston said...

Yea! That is so fun. I love Sleepovers. I was thinking about that time I saw you in the Provo Temple, Do you remember? It was just brief but I will always remember your faithful endurance to go to the temple for direction in hard times:)

melanie said...

I just want to jump into that picture of you and Kristen and give you guys the biggest hugs. I miss you!

Amanda&Wade said...

I did a cross stitch for my baby too, how fun! Where did you get yours framed? I have yet to do that!! It is so expensive!! Can't wait to see you soon, I have a gift for you and your sweet baby!

Amanda&Wade said...

Awesome!! I could totally do that, thanks for the great idea! My mother in law made Kamree's and framed it so I had no idea it was so much! Anyway I can't wait to see yours!

Adam and Hilary said...

Happy Birthday Heidi! I like the pic of you and Kris, too cute. Also the picture of you looking down at yr belly is precious. Love ya.

Susan Bishop said...

Thanks for making Heidi's birthday special for her. It's pretty painful not to be there... I love you.

The Alands said...

You guys are always up to something fun. Hope the weather is okay this weekend!