Sunday, October 27, 2013


Brandon and I don't go out on dates much. Like almost never. Well, not alone anyway. We take our kids with us a lot of times when we go places, partly because we really like our kids, and partly because we don't like to leave them with babysitters.

We know we need to get out more though and our kids could use some time away from us (or mostly just me). So we have made an effort to do it. Last week my parents babysat while we went to dinner and a movie (Gravity).

And right now, we are on a crazy three day streak of having babysitters. Friday night we got tickets to go to the BYU football game. We seriously had the best seats in the house and they came with dinner before and pretty much all the food you can eat during the game too. It was so awesome.
My sister Kristen is a SAINT and she watched our kids for us all afternoon and evening along with her own baby and the baby she nannies. We owe her big time!
Then Saturday night Brandon's dad got last minute tickets to the BYU basketball game. It was just their exhibition game. I think we go to this pretty much every single year because it's not that great of a game and the big wigs at Nu Skin don't like to go. We love it though! We brought Mckinley with us on a special date and left the babies home with my dad.

Again, we lucked out and had the best seats in the house. I love our hook ups! We have been able to do so much fun stuff thanks to Brandon's dad.
Mckinley was dying to see Cosmo up close and give him a high five. Even with us on the front row he never cam over to her. Here she is yelling his name.
Luckily as we were leaving we passed him in the back hall and she was able to give him a high five. That, and the popcorn at half time totally made her night!!
Then today my parents watched the babies for all three hours of church so we could go and enjoy and I could teach my relief society lesson in peace. It was heavenly.

These dates are really doing us a lot of good. :)


My kids love the outdoors! Who knew? I never take them outside so I wouldn't know! My neighbor used to always tease me and ask if we ever went outside because he never saw us out there. I like to think I like the outdoors but maybe I don't like them as much as I thought I did. Part of it too is that Tyler and Kallie have been in a phase where it was impossible for me to bring them outside. But now that they are comfortable walking, and they can go up and down stairs, it's totally doable.
 They have been so fussy for a few months now and it really wears on me throughout the day. So I have been taking them outside to play. We have a horrible back yard, it's pretty much non-existent. But luckily we have, well, I guess had (they just moved) the best neighbors who offered their backyard to us anytime we wanted to use it. They are gone now and no one new has moved in yet so I just head over to their backyard and that's where we play.
These guys just ran around entertaining themselves for like 45 minutes while I sat on the stairs and watched. It was heaven.

Day Off

Brandon took Thursday off of work this week just to hang out with us and it was such a great day. The babies were super fussy (what's new?) but in spite of that, we still had a fun day. The weather was gorgeous and we spent some time at the park. I love the look on Mckinley's face in this picture. She has always loved the swing. We really need to teach her how to use the big swings....

Mckinley's First Dentist Visit

I took Mckinley for her first time to the dentist. I am terrified of the dentist, hate going, always have, and I really didn't want it to be the same for her. So I tried to tell her how fun it was going to be and get her really excited for it.
She did really well. Cried a little during the x-rays (I don't blame her, it always hurts so bad when those things poke your mouth when you bite down on them, did I mention I hate going to the dentist?) but they were able to get x-rays on both sides.
Then the dentist just counted and checked her teeth real quick and we were done. No cavities! Yay! I have horrible teeth (which is probably why I hate the dentist) and Brandon has perfect teeth. I have been so worried my kids would get my teeth so I have done everything I can with Mckinley. Fluoride since she was 6 months old, and brushing morning and night. So far her teeth look great. I still hope she got Brandon's genes.
I took her out for a hot fudge sundae after for doing so good. (When is she going to have a good "camera" smile???)

Pumpkin Patch

Last week I took the kids and went to Hee Haws with Kristen and Mav. It's the first time I've ever been to a pumpkin patch/farm place, whatever they're called, and I was terrified to go with my three kids. Had anxiety about it the whole day before. But I decided to go anyway and we actually had a really fun time. Besides at the end when Mckinley tripped a few times and face planted it in the dirt.
Mckinley was so brave and was petting this cow through the gate. A far cry from last year at the Thanksgiving Point farm where she was so scared to go close to the big animals.
The coolest part was where you could walk around with all the goats and sheep. Tyler totally freaked out right after this picture and fell on his bum and cried. He hated when I made him touch the animals.
The kids had fun playing in the corn sand box thing.
We went on a little hayride that was short and fun.
Horse tire swings.
And the slides! I was so proud of Mckinley for climbing up to this slide and going down by herself. She had a lot of fun.
Then they had this huge slide that you had to sit on a gunnysack to go down on and it was sooo fast and so fun. I took Tyler and Kallie separately on my lap and Mckinley would go right next to us ad hold my hand. We all loved it.
A year ago when these twins were babies I don't think I could have ever imagined that we would get to a point where they were easy enough that I could take all three kids and go and do something like this. But we can! (with Kristen's help of course) We are at a good point in our lives and really enjoying this stage.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Since my last post...

We finally got some new book shelves to make our family room look more complete. Next project: move the TV down...sometime...
I got the girls matching pj's. The cutest!
Getting ready to go out on a cold day.
Tyler got his first real hair cut. He had one hair cut before but it was real quick just to even things up. This one was legit and he looks soooo good with his short hair.
Three big kids sitting up to the bar. Wow.
Playing on the tramp at Grandpa's.
Mckinley helping Grandpa pick apples.
Tyler and Kallie watching a little Baby Einsteins.
Back view. So cute!!!
Playing with great Grandma Bishop.
Playing in a box. Way more exciting than real toys.
Cute faces!!
We went to the BYU Homecoming parade.
Mckinley with her cute cousin Mia. We are thrilled that these two finally started playing together! They are only three and a half months apart in age.
Tyler and Kallie loving the dum dums I gave them.
Kallie being all big and climbing up to get a cookie off the counter.
Cutest matching outfits!!!
Playing on a case of toilet paper.
Halloween outfits!
I finally let Tyler play in the dirt for the first time in his life. :)
Tyler biting Mckinley's toe.
This one speaks for itself!!