Saturday, September 19, 2015

Brandon went on a guys trip with his dad, brothers, and brothers-in-law to California for the BYU football game at UCLA. They have done this a few times for away games but they have never been gone this long. He is having a great time and we are so excited for him to come home tomorrow.

Some pictures he sent home for the kids. Getting on the airplane.

At Knott's Berry Farm.

The night before he left we went to Smash Burger and then to Yogurtland as a family.

I have kept pretty busy while he has been gone and the kids have been wonderful. He must be praying hard for that!

Here is Kallie looking so cute in Mckinley's hand me downs.

And just because I can't resist a comparison shot, here is Mckinley wearing the same shirt and jeans.

Anyway, I spent most of the first day Brandon was gone over at my sister Kristen's house, the next day was busy with visiting teaching, hanging out with neighbor friends, and a movie/pizza party Karen planned for all of us. Then today our sweet friends Blake and Kim offered to watch my kids for two hours to give me a break while Brandon is gone. So I got some fun errands done while the kids played over there, and then we went to the Riverwoods to see the Chalk the Block stuff they have there right now. So fun. Mckinley took about a hundred pictures of the chalk drawings and we had fun looking around at the toy store there too.

Can't wait to see Brandon tomorrow!