Saturday, October 31, 2015


Our kids are at such fun ages for all the holidays. All three of them were so excited for Halloween. We had a lot of fun cutting out ghosts and bats and spiders to hang around the house.

I went to Mckinley's Halloween parade at school. It was fun to see all the different costumes. She had a lot of ideas of what she wanted to be this year but in the end I convinced her that it would be a great idea to wear the Cinderella dress we already had in her closet. ;)

Brandon's parents put together a super fun Halloween party for the kids with lots of fun games and prizes.

Tyler kills me. So we borrowed a space man suit from Brandon's mom for him and he was wearing it at home for days and then my mom watched the kids while we went to the temple and when we got back he was in this leopard costume that my mom made for my brother FORTY years ago! Seriously, I'm not kidding. He just turned 42 and he wore this probably when he was 2. Anyway, Tyler was in love with it and wouldn't take it off. He wore it every day and even on Halloween, but we accidentally left it at my brother's house after lunch on Halloween so he wore the space costume trick or treating.

Our ward did a trunk or treat this year which was awesome and then we just went to a few houses right near ours and the kids were done. It was very low key and lots of fun.

Mckinley had colored a pumpkin way early in October and the day after Halloween we decided to carve it.

This was exactly how she wanted it. Super easy!

I can't believe how much fun life can be when your kids are old enough to have fun and be excited for holidays. Every year gets better and better. I can't wait for Thanksgiving and Christmas!

Friday, October 23, 2015

Fall Break

I really wanted to go out of town for Fall Break since we basically didn't go on a vacation this entire year, but we ended up staying here and just doing a bunch of fun stuff around here. I didn't take pictures of very much of it and I already can't remember a lot of what we did. I took the kids one day down to Riverwoods and let them ride the carousel and look around at everything.

We went out to lunch with Brandon, took the kids to the park that night to ride scooters, and watched a movie in our theater.

Okay I really can't remember what we did Friday but that night Brandon and I took Mckinley on a date to the BYU football game. The twins had their first sleepover at my mom's house and had a blast.

We saw Inside Out at the dollars with the whole family. Had pizza, watched a lot of movies, went swimming at the Orem Rec Center. It was a good fall break.

Mckinley had crazy hair day at school. I put twisted pipe cleaners in pigtails. It looked awesome.

Tyler fell asleep like this yesterday. Bahahaha!

The twins are growing up. They are getting potty trained. They are playing together a lot more. Kallie does puzzles all on her own all the time. They play pretend all the time. Kallie calls Tyler "honey" and he calls her mom. It's adorable. We love them so much.

Field Trip and Homecoming Parade

I volunteered to go and help with Mckinley's school field trip to Pumpkinland. They just walk across the street from the school. My dad came and watched the twins for me which was so nice, especially since he had to deal with three poop episodes while I was gone.

I was only in charge of Mckinley and one other girl so it was super easy for me. We had a fun time.

Every year we go to the BYU Homecoming Parade. It is so much fun. The kids come home with a ton of candy. Brandon and I are doing no treats for all of October so we ended up giving most of the candy away to our Sunday school class over the last few weeks. And we have been bribing the twins with it if they will poop in the toilet.

Fire Station and Jakers

For two days we didn't need to drive Savannah home from school so me and the twins rode scooters to go pick up Mckinley. I was proud of them for making it all the way.

Kristen told us about the Orem City Fire Department day of fun. The twins and I went with her while Mckinley was in school. They got to sit in the helicopter, see the fire truck, and other fun stuff.

We have had a few fun trips to Jakers Pumpkin Patch in Springville. It is the best place ever. So much fun for the kids.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

The Twins are THREE

The twins turned THREE! It's crazy how much they are growing up.

The weekend of their birthday we went to the cabin for an over nighter. It was short but lots of fun. There was a random herd of sheep right near the cabin. We had a lot of fun watching them.

The leaves up there were gorgeous.

Tyler and Kallie had their 3 year well check and did so much better than they did last year! No crying and they actually sat on the bench while the doctor checked them out. They are still both so short. Somewhere around the 20th percentile for both of them on height.

Traditional Mickey Mouse pancakes for breakfast.

Tyler and Brandon putting together Tyler's lego car.

Trying to show "3" on their fingers.

We are so lucky to have them in our lives! Happy Birthday cute kids.