Tuesday, March 17, 2020

St. Patrick's Day

The Sunday before St. Patrick's Day we went over to Ross and Karen's for a green dinner, although technically with the Corona Virus we probably shouldn't have. The food was so yummy and we had a great time visiting. Talking a lot about the Corona Virus of course.

On St. Patrick's Day I made some chocolate mint cookies.

We had green breakfast for dinner.

And some fun treats that evening. Green mint ice cream.

Rainbow licorice and gold reeces. Yum! We weren't in the mood to do much celebrating just being stuck home, but at least we did a little bit of something.

But....the best news of the day was that we sold our townhome! It had been vacant since October so this was definitely a long awaited event worth celebrating! So random but we bought our home and signed the papers on St. Patrick's Day (March 17th) 12 years ago and sold it on March 17th. How funny! We brought our first baby home to that house. It holds a lot of dear memories. It was a great little house for us and we made some great friends in that ward.

Saturday, March 14, 2020

Corona Virus!

Jackson got a blister on his big toe from scooting!

Jackson's 10 months old now. I love watching him grow up!

So the Corona Virus that we had heard about for a while started to get really serious and spread to the states. Everyone is panic shopping, shelves are empty in stores, and on Thursday last week (March 12th) things really started to get serious. We were supposed to have a ward party that night that got cancelled. I was really surprised they cancelled it. But it was because we were asked to not hold any group events with more than 100 people. So to be safe, we cancelled it. Well then the emails just started coming. The Church decided to cancel Church, temples are closed, everyone is supposed to stay home as much as possible. We are all social distancing. We decided not to send our kids to school on Friday, partly because it was just a half day anyway, but figured we would keep them home because of Corona Virus. Well we got an email from the school saying Monday and Tuesday were going to be half days to allow the teachers some training on the chance that school got cancelled altogether.

Then Saturday they decided to cancel school altogether. So it was a weird day knowing that our kids were going to be home for the next 2 weeks, we wouldn't be going to Church, or pretty much anywhere else.

Brandon went to Costco and couldn't get us any formula. They shut down the food court. Things were starting to get crazy. After that we were asked to not be in groups of more than 50 people, then it went down to 10. Basically you aren't supposed to see anyone outside of your family if you can help it. Anyone who can work from home is supposed to try to do that. We keep telling our kids how historical this is.

Sunday I figured we would maybe read from Come Follow Me which we haven't done in a while, but Mckinley had her own plans and we just let her go with it. She made a program, planned a sacrament song and prayers. She even made a sacrament tray for the bread, which we used. Brandon went to the Church and grabbed some sacrament cups, put on a white shirt and tie, and we had one of the most spiritual experiences I can remember having. It was wonderful.

Mckinley's sacrament tray. :)

We all bore our testimonies, and that was pretty much it. But it was amazing. We also watched one of the Book of Mormon videos.

Maybe next week we will look at the Come Follow Me lesson.

Gonna be taking lots of progress pictures of my hand.

Monday when the kids didn't have school we had a picnic outside for lunch. The weather was beautiful so we took advantage of it.

Kallie was doing lots of pretend school with Ava. They will do this for hours and it's so cute!

I had the kids read and do Lexia (a computer learning program their school uses). But we just kind of relaxed and enjoyed ourselves.

Friday night before we knew school was cancelled, we moved 2 mattresses into the theater room for the kids, and now a week later, they are still down there.

Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Broken Wrist Update

So, I survived for 2 weeks after surgery. It felt so long! I finally had my appointment with the doctor and got my cast off. It was pretty unnerving seeing my carpel tunnel incision. The other one was still covered by steri strips.

A doctor cut out my stitches (ouch) in my hand and told me the ones on my arm would dissolve.

Then we sat for freaking 2 hours to get this custom brace made that ended up being the most uncomfortable thing on the planet! And the velcro from it snagged my shirt. It was just a nightmare. I wore it that day and night.

The next day I found this cheap Walmart wrist brace that I had bought years ago from when I had tendinitis in my elbow, and I started wearing it.

I can take the brace off to shower and I also take it off 4 times a day to do stretches. I can't believe the lack of mobility in my wrist. I can hardly bend it at all.

So once again, life moves on and I am able to do more and more with my hand each day, although the mobility doesn't seem to be coming back yet. The doctor said to give it three months. Ugh.

Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Life Goes On

Well even when you break your wrist, life goes on. Kallie was doing a photo shoot with Jackson one day and we got these.

Tyler sure loves having a little brother!!

Tyler and Mckinley both finished up their basketball seasons. So much fun and we will definitely play again next year.

Brandon started working from home the day I broke my wrist (hello miracle!) because they are remodeling his office. He took the kids to lunch one day to take advantage of this time.

Mckinley was soooo excited for Battle of the Books. She was her team's captain again this year and read all 20 books on the list. She was so cute about it. They got to the 5th round.

Cutie Ava asleep on the couch. Oh my, we love this little girl so much.

I had to sit out for this because of my arm but Brandon got to go up to Salt Lake to go curling! So fun.

I don't have many pictures of me with my cast, so I had to include this one. I slowly learned to do more and more with one arm.

Jackson is just so cute and fun! Still a little whiny, but he started scooting after I broke my wrist, and I think that made him a little happier to be able to move around where he wants a bit. He does an army crawl using his left arm and his right toe!

I absolutely love having a daughter who wants to decorate for every holiday for me. I don't think I'll ever do it again. :) Mckinley did this all on her own.