Monday, September 20, 2021


Soccer has started. We have 4 kids in soccer and it's been crazy. I'm realizing I need to get more pictures of Tyler and Kallie playing. All I have are Mckinley and Ava. But all 4 of them are in and they all like it.

We were so lucky to be able to get tickets and go to Lagoon for the Nuskin summer party! I had been hoping all summer to go to Lagoon so it was so perfect that Ross could scrounge up enough tickets for all of us. 

I ended up mostly in the kiddie section with Ava and Jackson while Brandon took the big kids on the scarier rides. It was perfect. The older I get the worse I do on the big rides. I'm realizing that a Lagoon season pass would not be for us. And I don't know what I'll do at Disneyland once all my kids can go on the big roller coasters. I love having the excuse of sitting off with babies for the big rides. Lol.

We rode the train for the first time since probably before I was married. I can't believe how many animals they have! It was such a fun experience to do with our kids. And we barely got it done before it got dark so it was perfect. Seriously, this was such a perfect night and Ross is done at Nuskin now so it is a memory we will cherish forever!

While we were gone at Lagoon, my mom fell and broke her hip! She had to stay in a rehab center for 2 weeks after having surgery. She turned 74 in the rehab center. She is home now and slowly regaining strength and the ability to walk again. It's been sad to watch.

Friday night mattress sleepovers still going strong!

Brandon in Las Vegas at the new Raiders stadium watching BYU's first football game of the season. Can you tell he needs his wife around to clean off his glasses for him? :)

These two are just the best of friends. I love watching them play together every day while the big kids are in school. I didn't sign Ava up for any preschool this year. There wasn't enough interest for Joy School. So she does her Upstart preschool online and just plays with Jackson every day. It's been great.

When Jackson won't take a nap, he usually ends up crashing somewhere.

Practicing their letters. :)

Jackson has been adopted by the Williams at church and it sure makes sacrament meeting more enjoyable for us!


Tuesday, August 24, 2021

St. George Trip

Another public transportation adventure: we decided to ride the free bus. We took it and went out to eat at Pizza Factory. It was such a fun experience! I love the memories we are making with our kids.

The 2nd week of school we took off to St. George. We hadn't stayed at our place down there since April. It was completely booked all summer. I was worried it would be super hot going in August but it honestly wasn't bad. We had the best trip ever! Super low key and so fun. We ate good food, got lots of swimming in, and discovered the old school nintendo games. I didn't want our trip to end.