Saturday, April 10, 2021

Spring Break

We had an absolutely incredible Spring Break!

Day 1: Played at the park while Kallie had soccer practice, then off to the pond with cousins and friends!

The weather was so nice and we had an amazing pond day! So much fun!

Got ice cream on the way home from Purple Turtle. Not pictured: BBQ at Ross and Karen's. Such a great day!

Day 2: Airborne in the morning. All of the kids had a blast! Jackson was jumping around all over the place and didn't care where I was.

Then home where the girls made cookies all on their own!

We did some paint with water in the afternoons which was actually quite fun.

Day 3: Playground at Provo Rec. We had the entire place to ourselves! The kids love coming here. Mckinley made a cute iMovie with the kids.

Then home to let Coco out and take her for a walk. The kids did such a good job taking care of their cousin's dog and had so much fun doing it.

Date night for me and Brandon to Blaze. Soooo yum!

On Thursday we met up with some of my friends at the park and then had a movie afternoon in the theater with some neighbors. Don't have any pictures from that day.

Day 5: Exploring at the Provo River Trail. The kids had so much fun! And I was so proud of myself for thinking of a place we could go that wouldn't be busy.

We hit up the Orem rec center pool Friday night with Brandon.

Then today we hit up the pond again. Such a fun, busy week!