Monday, January 4, 2021

Brandon turns 37

We survived another of Brandon's birthdays. His birthday is the worst. Number one because he hates it and has always hated it his whole life. Hates that it is so close to Christmas and just in the middle of winter. He doesn't ever want gifts. He and I don't buy each other gifts for Christmas (we sometimes buy ourselves things but not for each other) and I don't buy him birthday gifts either. I feel terrible about it and hate it and one of these days I'm going to change it. Even though he will probably take anything back that I buy for him.

Anyway, so we tried to celebrate him all weekend long before his Monday birthday. He decided not to have breakfast in bed because he doesn't eat breakfast. So we kind of did breakfast for dinner the day before and I was going to bring it to him in bed but he ended up eating out in the kitchen with us. So on his birthday morning we just got the kids ready for their first day back to school after Christmas break and he just went to work. 

He went out to lunch with his work friends and then came home early (huge surprise!). We took the kids to Nickel City and had an absolute blast! That place is so much fun.

From there we went to Pizza Factory for dinner and invited his parents to come with us. It was a little chaotic but so much fun and very yummy.

I asked Brandon what kind of cake he wanted (I barely remembered about a cake the day before, at least better than last year when I completely forgot). He said he wanted a pizookie so that's what we did. Such a great suggestion and absolutely delicious! Even though we are terrible at celebrating him on his birthday, we really are so lucky to have Brandon. He is the absolute best!!!!



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