Thursday, January 28, 2021


Jackson is pretty much my first child to not be scared of dogs. Kinda strange.

Late night with friends.

Swimming day at the Provo Rec. We went on a Monday when there was no school and it was a total madhouse. Busiest I've ever seen it. They actually put up a sign saying the pool was at capacity and they wouldn't let people in until someone left. Ugh. The kids had fun though.

Cutest boy.

Everyone just loves Jackson. 

Kallie planned a spa day for a play date. She is so creative and has the cutest ideas and works hard to put them together!

Brandon was able to take the oldest three tubing at Soldier Hollow and I stayed home with the littles. 

I love when Jackson gets out all the pots and pans or tupperware. I know he's my last to do this and I think it's so cute!

We didn't have much snow this year so we really had to take advantage of the few times we could get outside and sled. I think in the future we need to start heading up to the mountains or somewhere else to get some good sledding in. Now that the kids are getting bigger that might actually be a realistic thing we can do.

I can't remember what happened here but I know Tyler was super excited to have Jackson asleep on him!!

Our five kids. They're growing up so fast.

Tyler and Kallie make so many cute things in school with Miss Davis as their teacher. We love her so much! And I love sending my kids to school so much!

Jackson wearing this Chinese outfit my parents have. :)

Dress ups at Grandma's. 

These were my Grandma Bishop's actual glasses. They hurt my eyes so bad looking through them!