Monday, April 18, 2016


Mckinley loves Kindergarten and is doing really well at school. I go every Thursday and volunteer and I used to hate it but now I love it. Tyler and Kallie come with me and they are always so well behaved. They just sit and draw pictures.

I swear it took us like a year and a half to finish this book but we finally did, on March 31st. It was a big accomplishment! Reading is hard for Mckinley and she doesn't like doing things that are hard so it was a big struggle but I think it helped her a lot.

We enjoyed some nice weather at our all time favorite park, Nielson's Grove. The kids love feeding the ducks.

Kallie! She kills me!

Coloring during general conference.

The kids were super excited to meet their new cousin Chloe.

We enjoyed a fun evening celebrating my dad and brother-in-law's birthdays at my brothers house. He has such a fun backyard. Tyler and Kallie ended up soaked in the stream and loved every minute of it.

So my belly popped sometime during my 12th week I think. This was me at 13 weeks. I'm 14 weeks now.

Ugh, that is a lot of shots. After 6 rounds of IVF, I also had to do blood thinner shots this pregnancy. I thought I would have to do them the entire time but my OB sent me to meet with a specialist who said I could go off them. I was not sad at all to say goodbye to these needles. Now I won't have to do blood thinners again until the baby is born.

Kallie has started drawing people! And all sorts of other things. She is definitely following in the footsteps of her older sister.

Tyler got his first professional hair cut and he was so good and just sat super still the whole time. It was awesome.

Monday, April 4, 2016

Winter Cabin Trip

My family took a snowmobiling trip into the cabin for part of spring break. I wasn't going to go because of how sick I've been with this pregnancy but last minute we decided to go for half the time. 

The kids were so excited to go! They just love being at the cabin.

I hate snow trips into the cabin because they are a lot of work. And we didn't even have to prepare any meals this time! I'm such a baby. But I really hope we don't go again for at least a few years.

The snowmobiles were pretty crappy and wouldn't start a lot of the time.

We had a really good sledding day the first day but the second day was kind of a disaster. We got carted across the lake to a big sledding hill which was pretty much too big for my kids and it was so windy and cold so they cried to go back to the cabin and on the way back the sled they were being pulled in flipped over and they all went flying out and were just crying. It was awful.

I wasn't super sick while we were there, I only threw up once, but I didn't sleep very well so I went home being so tired and exhausted and felt like crap. At least the kids and Brandon had a good time!

Sunday, March 27, 2016


Mckinley gets so excited about holidays that we really don't have a choice but to do tons of fun stuff. Easter this year was awesome. The kids went on so many different egg hunts! First was our ward party.

We dyed hard boiled eggs. We use kool-aid, a crayon, and tattoos, and I tried letting the kids paint some eggs too but that didn't work out too well.

Next hunt was with Brandon's dad's ward. This has been a tradition forever. So fun.

My mom had a hunt at her house for all the grand kids.

Then Easter morning at our house of course.

Then after Church the big egg hunt at Grandpa Salmon's. We had a delicious Easter dinner over there too. Which of course I went home and threw up later. We had a great Easter.

Mckinley had also been dying to do these nests. Her preschool teacher did something similar last year and we finally made it happen, the day after Easter.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016


Mckinley got to see some pretty cool animals at school one day.

Annoying that this picture is sideways. But the kids wanted to be wrapped up like babies.

Tyler and Kallie have been transitioning out of naps for at least a year now. Super annoying. I really wish they could just be done because if they take a nap they don't go to bed till super late at night.

St. Patrick's Day breakfast. Made by dad of course.

Pizza picnic by dad's work for lunch.

Kallie is getting so good at coloring!

Wednesday, February 24, 2016


Oops. I forgot to blog forever. Time to catch up.

Tyler and Kallie having fun in the tub.

These guys are always up to something while I shower and get ready. They moved all the chairs and made a pathway with them.

I love when all the kids are playing well together!

Kallie was so excited to surprise me that she had cleaned up the toy room.

And then I found this stash of toys behind the closet door. Ha ha ha.

Then she cleaned her bedroom. And I knew the stuff must be somewhere.

Found it in the bathroom. Ha! Baby steps.

That one afternoon I was a super nice mom and let the kids paint.

Mckinley begged us forever to cut her hair short. I'm including this picture because if you zoom in on it you can see her long ponytail. This is the best I've got for a before shot.

Cut it short! And she loves it!!!

Tyler and Kallie play so well together and I love it so much! They are always together and they still fight a lot but not near as much as they used to. Life is getting pretty easy these days, I gotta admit.

Oh and this happened. We did IVF in January and found out right after our cruise that it worked and I am pregnant!

Some more shenanigans while mom showers.