Sunday, February 22, 2015

February Pics

A random breakfast in bed from Brandon. I have the most amazing husband ever.

February was so warm! We had a few really fun park days.

I love this picture of Tyler. He crashed on the couch wearing his super hero mask.

One night we went and had a fun time at the Orem Library. It was the first time we had ever been there.

More park days.

Trying to teach Tyler and Kallie how to get along. :)

Riding in style at Target.

Playing at Bryant's house while he is on yet another vacation.

I bought a curling wand and had so much fun curling Mckinley's hair.

She has the most gorgeous locks!

We go to the Bean Museum a lot. Mckinley got to touch a real snake.

Homemade pizza Brandon made today while the girls and I were at church. He stayed home with Tyler who has a cold.

February has really been the most amazing month ever. We have had such a great time together as a family and have had so much fun.

Valentine's Day

We had such an amazing Valentine's Day this year. First, Brandon and I went on a date on Thursday night to celebrate. Kristen and Dayne babysat our kids for us. We went to dinner at the Olive Garden and then we went and saw Mocking Jay at Water Gardens. It was such a great date night.

Friday Brandon sent me a delivery. It was such an awesome surprise!! He even snuck home while I was at the park with the kids to have it arranged all nicely on the counter instead of sitting on the front porch.

Saturday we made Valentine's Day a family day. We decorated the breakfast table and had gifts and balloons out for our kids. We made a really yummy breakfast and then spent the day together as a family. We went to our townhome to check out the new floor we had installed that week, then went to Wendy's for lunch and off to Costco. Home for naps and then that evening we went out again. I think we went grocery shopping. I can't remember. But we had a really fun day together as a family.

Saturday, January 24, 2015


January is not my favorite month of the year. Other than the fact that Brandon was born in January, there isn't much I love about it. It's full of cold days and sick kids. We really haven't taken very many pictures this month and have been home with sick kids most of the month.

New Years Day we went swimming at the Provo Rec Center with all of Brandon's family. It was so much fun. 

Brandon's birthday was on a Sunday this year which always bites. We did go out to dinner at Carrabba's the night before.

I had to include this picture of Kallie because she is just so stinking cute. The twins are talking so much now, and especially Kallie. It is so awesome.

I finally gave in and went and played with the kids in the snow one day. I really don't like playing in the snow and we don't have the proper gear but they were happy with this tiny snowman and a little slide I made them in the snow.

We went to Cold Stone a few days after Brandon's birthday. Brandon chose cotton candy ice cream with strawberries mixed in and it was actually amazing.

Tyler loves to play with my hair and loves to rub it in my face and over my eyes. Love this kid!

We brought our old Queen bed up for the kids to sleep in. They love it! They don't all actually sleep in it together, they were just really excited the first night and were playing in it. We are hoping Mckinley and Kallie can sleep in it together and then Tyler has a single bed in his room. So far the twins still sleep in their cribs a lot at night though. Usually in beds for naps.

Kallie dumped out all the puzzles. Twice. She sure can be a stinker!

I caught Mckinley writing her name upside down on her homework. She has some pretty crazy skills! She also does swirl letters. It's so cute. I don't know where she comes up with this stuff. It is so fun to see all she is learning in preschool.

Mckinley LIVES for birthdays and holidays. She has all of her birthdays planned out all the way through till she turns 14. She is so excited for Valentine's Day and is always wanting to decorate for it. We go through a lot of tape around here!

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Grandma Bishop

My Grandma Bishop passed away in her sleep on Sunday night, the week of Christmas. It was very unexpected to me. Apparently she got a cough the Wednesday before and my dad suspected this might take her but he didn't even let me know she was sick. I had been meaning to take my kids to go visit her and I wish I would have, but I am very glad that I was able to spend so much time with her the last couple of years. When we lived in my parents' house when Mckinley was almost 2, Mckinley and I went and visited her several times a week. She really loved Mckinley. And of course she was so excited to hear I was expecting twins because she had twins as well. We used to talk a lot about that. And she just loved seeing Tyler and Kallie every chance she got.

This card I got from her on Christmas Eve was a little extra special this year...

It was so nice to see so many relatives and friends at her viewing the night before, and at her funeral on Monday.

Some of the displays of her artwork and the dolls she collected.

At the cemetery.

Almost all 40 of her grandchildren. I am so glad we got to grow up on the same street together our whole lives. I love all of these people!

Mckinley loved Great Grandma Bishop so much and would always tell her that her dress or necklace was very pretty.

I thought for sure I had a more recent picture of Tyler and Kallie with her but I can't find it anywhere!!

Christmas 2014

I knew Christmas would be fun. With the ages of our kids, it would be impossible not to. The kids had an absolute blast.

We got together with all of my family when Amy and Adam were in town to make gingerbread houses again. My mom provided everything. It was so fun!

Christmas Eve we always have dinner at my mom and dad's house. My mom made costumes for all the grand kids to perform a quick nativity. It was really cute! I have a picture of the final scene but it must be on Brandon's phone.

Mckinley got to be Mary and Kallie was an angel. Tyler of course wouldn't wear his shepherd costume.

Christmas morning Mckinley woke up at 6:30, came running in to our room and yelled "Santa came!!!" By 7 she woke up Kallie. The first thing Kallie noticed when she came out was this plate and she proceeded to say "Reindeer eat carrot, (which sounds like cay-uht) Santa ate coooookie, Santa ate milk (miwk) all gone!" She said it over and over and it was so cute.

When Mckinley went to wake up Tyler she told him Santa came and he mumbled back Santa came. Then he said no sit Santa lap! He thought Santa was actually here. Ha ha ha.

The kids had so much fun opening all their presents and loved everything they got.

After Kallie opened her Anna doll, Anna had to be sitting right next to her to open anymore presents.

We hoped we would get a white Christmas and we got pretty much the best white Christmas ever. It snowed all day and was so beautiful.

We headed over to Brandon's parents' house at 11 for our gift exchange.

Tyler and Kallie were so excited about their new laptops from Grandpa that they couldn't even look up for a picture.

As soon as we got home that afternoon Mckinley and Brandon headed out to go sledding on the golf course.

Kallie got the cutest Frozen nightgown from the cousin exchange.

Tyler trying on Mr. Potato Head's glasses. :)

Mckinley got an Orb Factory chandelier and had a blast putting 1500 stickers on it! Probably my favorite present too.