Friday, April 17, 2015

Spring Break

My brother Todd and his family drove down from Seattle for Spring Break to go to the cabin, and then to be here for Jack's baptism at the end of the week when he turned 8.

We had so much fun with them here. One day we went bowling, then to lunch, and then to the park. We played straight until 5 and then the kids crashed on the way home.

Tyler had so much fun with all his boy cousins. He and Ezra played so well together at the park and just ran around for hours.

Mckinley found some little girls at the park to play with and was holding hands with them and doing her princess strut walking around. So funny and so cute.

I can't believe how well these kids did with no nap. We did pay for it later that evening when I had to wake them up at 7:00 but it was so worth it. So fun to spend so much time with family!

My cute pregnant sister Amy flew in from Arizona that weekend as well. We had a baby shower for her while she was here. Kristen did such a great job and made everything so cute.

Mckinley was so excited to come to Amy's party but then shew as pretty bored being the only little kid there.

There's Amy's cute 34 week belly.

Mckinley has been pulling April Fool's pranks on us all month, after she learned what April Fool's Day was in preschool. She bit off all the skin of her purple grape and said "Mom, I don't know how I got a green grape in here." I believed her. She gets me every time.

Winter Cabin Trip

The day after Easter we headed up to the cabin. All our kids slept on the way up which made for a nice drive.

My mom rented a snowmobile, even though we knew there wasn't going to be as much snow as we hoped. But we needed a way to cart all our stuff and the little kids into the cabin. It worked out really well and we still had a lot of fun with the snowmobile riding around and stuff.

Mckinley loved hanging out with Jack. I love how she has her arm linked around his, watching a movie.

Tyler and Kallie were so cute in all their snow clothes and had so much fun playing around out in the snow. The snow was old and crunchy which actually made the trip a lot better for them because it was easy for them to walk around without sinking in.

We found a pretty fun sledding hill really close to the cabin and had a lot of fun sledding.

I'm pretty sure Tyler was happy here. Maybe the sun was in his eyes?

Going to the cabin in the winter is a lot of work, and we are not exactly "snow" people, so I don't know how often we'll do it again, but we sure are excited to go up in the summer when we can drive all the way in.

Easter Sunday

Brandon's dad does such a fun, huge Easter Egg hunt every year. Our kids just love it. They found so many eggs and fun surprises.

All the cousins with their baskets full.

I love that my kids are all saying "cheese" but none of them are looking at the camera.

By the time Easter Sunday rolled around we had done so many Easter Egg hunts that we were kind of done with that. We did have a nice dinner at my mom's house with my brother Todd who drove down from Seattle for Spring Break.

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Goodbye March

March did not treat us well. The stomach bug passed to me and Kallie and it lasted FOREVER with Kallie. She threw up for three days. Luckily her diarrhea was manageable and never spilled out of her diaper but oh, it was bad. 

The second the stomach flu left Mckinley she got a cough and it still hasn't completely gone away. I got it as well and am soooooo sick of waking up in the morning and having a super sore throat. It has been so miserable. When it passed to Tyler of course he ended up with a few croupy nights that sucked for us and him. Then Kallie just got it Saturday night and we were literally up with her the entire night. And by we I mean mostly Brandon. He stayed up with her till 4:30 a.m. He brought our rocking chair outside on the back patio and just sat with her out in the cold air for like an hour and a half. At 4:30 I took over and I was with her while she was awake till I think about 6 when she finally fell asleep again. So completely miserable. We for sure would have taken her to the ER that night if we didn't have so much experience with Croup. Luckily she was okay the next night so at least we are all getting some sleep now but we are all coughing a little still during the day.

Her first smile after throwing up for three days. I think she still threw up again later after this. Boo.

Mckinley was so excited for St. Patrick's Day (of course) so she went to school with a pocket full of cough drops and really enjoyed her school party. Her teacher does so much fun stuff with them. She is so lucky to be able to go to Robin's preschool and especially that it's next door!

We had a few good days here and there in between all this sickness and were able to do a few things outside but I feel like we were definitely home-bound for most of March. Kallie pushing a baby and Tyler pushing his trucks.

The kids' favorite thing to do this month has been to take the spray bottles outside and to spray anything they can. It entertains them forever and is pretty awesome.

Since I never post pictures of us anymore!

This picture of Kallie is just too cute not to share.

Mckinley sharing her jelly beans after school. She is the sweetest thing ever and if she ever gets a treat she always wants to share it with her siblings. I think we ate them all and she said oh no! We didn't save one for Dad.

Mckinley has been putting 100 piece puzzles together almost completely on her own.

I am so happy the kids were well enough for their first Easter egg hunt of the year. We always love going to the ward party up by Brandon's parents' house. We have gone to it ever since we were in that ward and it is one of my favorite traditions.

The kids had so much fun finding Easter eggs.

They told everyone to stop at 12 eggs and Mckinley must have been counting in her head as she picked them up because all of a sudden she announced "I'm done! I have 12!" She is so cute.

The kids had a blast coming home and seeing what treats they got in their eggs.

I never would have guessed that night would be Kallie's crazy Croup night. At least we got to enjoy a normal day first. Brandon keeps telling me that one day we will all be better but I have a hard time seeing the light at the end of the tunnel when we are all sick. Hopefully we are all well enough to go on a cabin trip my mom has planned for next week. We are so excited for Easter this week and to watch General Conference at home this weekend. As much of it as our kids will allow us to watch anyway (which isn't much).

Thursday, March 12, 2015


The twins trying to hide from nap time...

Tyler ate a sandwich or two for the first time in his life. It is still a struggle but at least he didn't force himself to throw up like in the past.

Ha ha, this picture is just awesome. These kids love to strip down and hang out in their diapers.

My cute cute boy.

Mckinley worked so hard to memorize her address, birthday, and my cell phone number. I can't believe how much she is learning in school. I love it!

Tyler is always jumping around on and over and under couches and pillows and anything he can. He is all boy and I love it.

Poor Mckinley got a 24 hour stomach bug. She spent the entire day yesterday on the couch. She threw up during the night and it got everywhere! After that I brought her into bed with us and taught her to throw up into this bowl. So there were no more messes to clean up after the first one. But the poor thing threw up the entire morning. She couldn't keep anything down. It broke my heart.

She seriously didn't move from the couch the whole day.

Brandon took Tyler on a "special date" (grocery shopping and to Wendy's) last night and he had a blast!

Mckinley got to go to part of school today and this is where she is right now, asleep on the couch. Being sick yesterday wore her out!

Mckinley LIVES for holidays. She was so excited about Easter the second Valentine's Day was over. But she is learning that there is another holiday first, St. Patrick's Day, so of course we had to decorate for it. She is so much fun and makes our lives so much better. Love love love these kids!