Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Another Sweet Weekend

Did I mention I have the most amazing husband in the world? He pretty much spent the whole weekend giving me whatever I wanted. We had so much fun.

Friday after work we went grocery shopping. Yes, we do go grocery shopping together. And yes, I realize how lucky I am. Then we went home and made dinner and he spread out a blanket on the family room floor to turn our dinner into a picnic. So cute! After dinner we went to the library and checked out books. It's been about 10 years since I read a normal book so I had no idea what to get! Any suggestions would be appreciated. We want to go to the library more regularly.

From there we went to the mall and Brandon just followed me around wherever I wanted to go and sat patiently as I tried on clothes, shoes, and swimming suits. I didn't buy anything, but I did go back to Shade yesterday and bought a swimming suit which I am SO excited about.

After that we watched Igor. Definitely do not recommend this movie. It wasn't cute, funny, or interesting. Just plain dumb.

On Saturday we went to the river trail and just hung out and threw rocks in the river. It might have been my favorite part of my whole weekend.

I got to hang out with my parents on Saturday night while Brandon went to his friends' house. It was nice and relaxing.
Sunday was good, my brother and his family came over after Church and hung out with us for a bit, then my parents came over for dinner. And later that night we played games over at Brandon's parents' house. It was just a really good weekend, all around. It's weekends like this that remind me it's no wonder I LOVE weekends as much as I do. And right now, on a slow Tuesday work day, I can't WAIT for the next one.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Our Weekend

On Friday night we went to Abe Lincoln's 200th Birthday Party at UVU. Okay, it was another Nu Skin dinner that Ross had free tickets for. Ross took Haley as his date because Karen is out of town. Haley was so excited to go! Until she got bored of all the speeches....

Saturday morning I woke up at like 3:30 a.m. and put all these hearts I had made on the mirror for Brandon to see when he woke up. I'm not really a huge fan of Valentine's Day but I do love Brandon so I decided to let him know.

To celebrate Valentine's Day we went out to lunch at Subway and then saw He's Just Not That Into You. Subway: delicious. Move: Crappy. Don't go see it.
Later that night we had a nice home made meal at Jason and Shannon's.

We played a couple games after and then watched the Slam Dunk Competition, which I actually like watching...believe it or not.

It was a fun day. And I didn't even get any pictures of me and Bran together. Guess there's always next year! Hope everyone had a great weekend!
PS. Why are there always SO many more visitors to my blog than there are comments? 25 visitors on my visitor map and only 1 comment so far. Doesn't really add up. Come on people! Don't be afraid to comment. I love comments!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Valentine's Spirit

Funniest thing I've seen today: A guy (presumably a doctor) walking through the halls of the hospital wearing the typical green scrubs, shirt tucked in to bottoms, with black suspenders that had bright red hearts on them. I guess I gotta give it to him for being in the Valentine's Day spirit.

Monday, February 9, 2009

30 Reasons Why I Love Brandon

In celebration of Valentine's Day this week, I thought I would list a few of the many reasons why I LOVE Brandon.

1. The man can COOK.
2. He knows everything there is to know about everything and remembers everything he reads/hears/learns. I'm so jealous.
3. Let's face it. He is good looking.
4. He is so patient with me. Even when I don't deserve it.
5. He has an amazing taste in music and is behind the awesome music on our blog that you all love.
6. He is always so interested in all my friends, people I work with, people I serve with in Church, even if he doesn't know who they are.
7. I love, love, love, when he plays the guitar. I only wish he did it more often. (Hint, hint.)
8. I love his hands. He has perfect hands.
9. I love how good he is with kids. All of my nieces/nephews absolutely adore him. He will be such a good dad some day.
10. He is so good at what he does. And I'm glad he does it. I tried selling insurance and I hated it. It's definitely not for me.
11. He is so good at fixing things. Even if it's replacing the radiator in our car, with no previous experience. Who does that?
12. I love going to the movies with him.
13. Actually, I love going anywhere with him. I love that he is usually willing to go run my errands with me.
14. I love that he actually likes going to the grocery store with me and will even go on his own sometimes.
15. I love how tall he is. Makes me feel small.
16. I love how much he loves his family. Especially his mom. He treats her like gold.
17. He loves to surprise me. With anything.
18. I love how helpful he is when it comes to making dinner or cleaning up dinner, even over at his parents' house.
19. He is a good driver with absolutely no road rage at all.
20. He is so calm all the time and totally helps me calm down when I'm stressed out. Which is often. Very often.
21. I love cuddling with him. I completely converted him to be a cuddler and now I think he likes it more than me.
22. I love playing games with him.
23. I love going on trips with him and packing our stuff in the same bag.
24. I love all of our traditions we've started together.
25. I love staying up late in bed and talking for hours.
26. I love driving to and from work together with him and eating lunch together almost every day.
27. I love that I know him so well that it's actually getting a lot harder for him to surprise me.
28. I love when he writes me love notes.
29. I love that he wants to be healthy and helps me to do the same.
30. I love him for marrying me! No easy task for those of you who know me well. ;)

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Still here...

I know I need to update my blog but I don't really have anything to blog about. My blog posts are directly related to the pictures on my camera and we haven't really done anything lately worth taking pictures of. Life is good, it's just a lot of the same old. January and February always seem to be like that.

Brandon plays basketball on a city league with his brothers and they have games every Monday night so we have been going to those. I go to mutual on Tuesdays. We got a new YW President this last Sunday so things will be a little different but change is always good. We usually watch Biggest Loser on Tuesdays and The Office on Thursdays but both of those shows are starting to bug me. I can't stand the little infomercials on Biggest Loser. Or how repetitive that show is. They show the same clips over and over and over. Luckily we always record it and fast forward through probably 75% of the show.

What else? For some reason whenever we make a really nice meal I feel the need to take a picture of it. Last Saturday morning I made crepes. Someone gave us a crepe maker for our wedding over two and a half years ago but for some reason this was the first time I got it out of the box. No offense to whoever gave it to us. I love it, I'm just lazy. But we had crepes with fresh strawberries, whipped cream, ice cream, and yogurt. They were amazing. And it was all I could do to resist taking a picture.

Last Sunday Brandon made us an amazing dinner of chicken cordon bleu, baked potatoes, and corn. He is so amazing and seriously such a good husband. This one, I did take a picture of.

When we're not busy doing any of the things mentioned above, you can probably find us sitting on the couch watching whatever's on TV or over at Brandon's parents' house playing games. I think we are both pretty darn excited for winter to be over and for warm weather to come back! We should have gone on a cruise this winter. Two years ago we went on a cruise in February and it was the perfect time to go! Totally breaks up your winter. Here are a few flash back pictures.
Well, there's a first for everything and this is the first time I have officially bored myself with my own blog post. Congratulations if you made it this far. Hopefully the next post will be about something cool we did.