Thursday, August 30, 2018

Back to School

The long awaited first day of school finally arrived! Well, for Mckinley. The twins had to wait another week before Kindergarten started.

Mckinley lucked out and got some ward kids and some girls from last year in her class again. She was so happy that first day of school. She was grinning from ear to ear the entire day and on cloud 9 all afternoon when she got home. School is definitely her jam.

Her good friend Lucy that she met on the first day of school.

This is out of order, but a quick shot of the pickle ball lines we painted for Ross's birthday.

Tyler, Kallie, and Sophie enjoying the rain on a crazy stormy day.

I took the kids for smoothies one day while Mckinley was at school. 

I had fun recreating this picture of the twins from 4 years ago when they first got this alphabet puzzle.

Tyler started soccer! He was so excited and has loved every minute of it so far, always asking when he gets to play next.

This is a picture of his first practice.

And his first game. He is with a bunch of neighborhood boys and practices are at the church right by our house and games are at the park right by that. We are very lucky!

 Finally Tyler and Kallie got their turn. They were so excited about school and have loved Kindergarten so far!

Ava insisted on wearing a backpack too and has been obsessed with it ever since.

I am enjoying 3 hours of down time while Tyler and Kallie are at school and Ava is napping. I'm getting a lot done and loving it!

Saturday, August 18, 2018


We had quite a few fun swimming days in August. 

I drove with the kids to my cousin Julie's house in Eagle Mountain to swim in her fun above ground pool. Ava didn't want to get in so I didn't swim, just visited with Julie inside. We had a great time!

Julie got the merry go round from her parents yard that we used to play on as kids. So awesome!

I think I promised her I wouldn't post this anywhere, but no one reads blogs, right?

We went swimming at the Scera pool with Shannon and her kids one afternoon. I think it was the next day actually. We had such a great time there. Mckinley was at Alice's birthday party so she didn't come.

After the pool we went to Brandon's office where one of his companies had a shaved ice truck come.

We got to have Kenzey over quite a few times this summer. She and Mckinley are showing their best friend necklaces that Kenzey gave Mckinley for her birthday. These two are such great friends!

Random silliness.

We had another fun swimming day with Brandon's aunt Leslie in West Jordan. She got dinner for all of us at a park and then we went swimming at the local pool there.

Mckinley went on the diving boards over and over and over.

Here she is jumping off the low dive, and I took a video of her on the high dive. She is so brave!

Saturday, August 11, 2018

Cabin Trip

We were able to go up to the cabin for a short trip and it was just our family and my mom. The first time we've had the cabin to ourselves. It was pretty low key, but we enjoyed ourselves a lot.

We spent lots of time swinging and just puttering around the cabin.

The weather was amazing. We enjoyed eating out on the deck.

We found a real deer antler and part of a jawbone with teeth. Yuck! But cool.

The kids wanted to bring them home but in the end we told them to just leave them at the cabin.

We drove out at sunset to find deer and found some!

S'mores at night.

Delicious cinnamon french toast, bacon, and sausage my mom made us.

Tyler in the baby swing, ha ha ha.