Thursday, February 28, 2008


So last night for mutual we played Wallyball at the Provo Rec Center. We played a couple normal games at first, and when I say normal, that means like 8 or 9 people on a team (we didn't reserve enough courts obviously). And then they thought it would be fun for everyone to play in the same court. So here we ALL are. I'd say this is a few too many people on one Wallyball court. I'm pretty sure I never touched the ball except when I was serving. Thanks for taking the pictures Shannon!

Fun in the Snow

So, two things we did that I never posted about (because they weren't that great), first, we sort of kind of have a tradition of going to Utah Lake when it's frozen over and walking on the ice. Really, we just went last year because we were driving around bored one Saturday and we thought it was really cool to walk out on the ice but we didn't have a camera so this year we went with our camera and then it wasn't that cool. But here are some pictures of us anyway. Check out how bad we were squinting, it was so bright! It's cool to be out on the lake but a little scary at the same time. I only dare to stay close to the dock. :) Does anyone remember the days when they had an ice skating rink out on Utah Lake?

Okay and the second thing involves the snow and our car. We all know we got quite a bit of snow this year and you know how there is always a lot of snow on the side of the road? Well most people just avoid it, especially if they're driving a regular old sedan, not an SUV. Not Brandon. He always wants to drive over on the side, no matter how much snow is there. So we went to my brother Mark's house to drop off a baby gift and right where we usually park out in front of their house by the sidewalk, there was a pretty big pile of snow. So we flip around and start heading towards it and Brandon thought it would be fun to drive up over it. I, on the other hand, have been high-centered before and pretty much knew that's what would happen if he were to try to drive over it. So as he's heading straight for it, I say "Brandon, don't." Well me saying that didn't get him to stop but it did get him to slow down. So we approached the big pile of snow and drove right up on top of it...and got high-centered. Mark had to help push us out when we left. It made for some good laughs.

Check out the front wheel.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

More Pictures of our House

So yesterday after work we did a final walkthrough on the house to make sure everything is working. I took some more pictures. Here they are.

This is the main family room area that you've already seen.

This is the 1/2 bath on the main level. I think it's so cute!

There's a full on waterfall and pond out in the backyard. Kind of random but hey, we'll take it.

Here's the master.

And the double closets in the master with awesome closet organizers that I am SUPER excited about.
Upstairs bathroom. I have to admit, the double sinks might be the one thing I am MOST excited about.

Here is the adorable little girl's room upstairs. The lighting's not great in this picture but it is the cutest shade of purple with cream bead board. I love love love this room. Hopefully one day we'll actually have a child who can sleep in it. ;) I guess if we have a boy we can just change the paint color.

And this is the other bedroom.

Oh yeah, and there's a crawl space we didn't even know about. I personally am scared of crawl spaces but it will be nice to have extra storage space.

Brandon totally made fun of me for taking so many pictures yesterday but I love having them so I've got something to look at and dream about for the next three weeks before we move in. :) Feel free to leave a comment, UNLIKE you did last time. :)

Thursday, February 21, 2008


My cousin Hannah tagged me so here I go...

What I was doing 10 years ago:
I was a sophmore in high school playing on the volleyball team. I know, I know, it's hard to believe I was actually good at volleyball once, but it's true.
5 Things on my "To-Do" list:
1. Plan my YW lesson for Sunday.
2. Get ready to run the 5k by March 15th.
3. Close on our new house by March 17th!
4. Lose at least one pound before I go to Florida on March 30th.
5. Get pregnant. Easier said than done apparently.
3 bad habits I have:
1. Sleeping in.
2. Eating lots of candy.
3. Washing loads of laundry with chapstick in them. :(
Day of choice? Friday. It's so easy to work on Friday when you know you have a weekend ahead of you.
Places I've lived:
Lindon, UT
Sydney, Australia
Rexburg, ID
Provo, UT
Marriage date: June 9, 2006
Favorite indulgence: Jamba Juice. I would buy one every day if I were rich.
Phobias/fears? I know it's the weirdest fear ever but I am terrified of my little sister Heidi drowning. Always have been. I guess because she can't swim.
Reason to smile: One word. Brandon.
Season of choice: Summer. Especially summer nights.
Vegetable: Right now our frozen green beans from Sams Club. They're amazing! But I like almost every vegetable.
Oranges or Apples? Both! I think I could live off fruit.
# of brothers/sisters: 4 brothers, 3 sisters.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

We Bought A House!!

Well, the subject says it all. Brandon and I bought a house! Or I guess I should say we're buying a house. We just got the offer signed on Friday and we have until March 17 to close. Then we will move in and finally be out on our own. We are so excited! It's a townhouse and it's in Provo. We will still be close to work and we got it for a really good price so we're really happy. We actually walked through it again yesterday and I meant to take some pictures so everyone can see what it looks like but I was so excited to just look through it again and to show it to my mom and dad that I forgot to take out my camera. But here are some pictures that were posted on the MLS.

This picture of the outside is a little stretched. The house isn't really this short and fat!

This is the family room/dining room. I love the 3-tone paint!

Another view...
And looking from the other direction.
The kitchen.

Our own little backyard...
There aren't any pictures of the upstairs but there are three bedrooms and a full bathroom. They're all painted really cute. I just love this place and can't wait to be in it!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Valentine's Day Tradition

So..this was our third Valentine's Day together (that sounds like we've known each other so long) and we have a little tradition we do every year: Dinner at home. We love it! We don't have to fight the crowds and wait forever for a table. It's great. Two years ago we were just dating and we had an awesome chicken cordon bleu dinner at Brandon's house. The table was all decked out with red and pink candy and everything. Then last year we got together with all of Brandon's married siblings and made a dinner at home. We decided to make it a tradition and we did it again this year. We had dinner at Jason and Shannon's. Stacey & Aaron and Tara & Gary came as well. We made steaks and potatoes and everything. It was so good! Then we played Imagine If... It's such a fun game. Anyway, we're actually not too big on Valentine's Day so we don't do gifts and stuff and I just love our dinners at home.

Friday, February 15, 2008

One for the Guys

I stole this survey from my friend Emily. I thought everyone would enjoy hearing a little about Brandon since he doesn't post on here. Hopefully he doesn't mind...

Name? Brandon Kaye Salmon

How long have you been married? 1 year, 8 months, 6 days, and 7 hours

How long did you date? Um, roughly about 6 months.

How old is he? 24

Who eats more? I'm sure I eat more treats while we're both at work but when it comes to meal times, he does.

Who said I love you first? He did. Followed momentarily by me. :)

Who is taller? Him by far!

Who sings better? Um, if anyone knows us very well, this is an easy question to answer. One thing me and Brandon actually agree on is that I am 100% tone deaf. He likes to listen closely to me in Sacrament Meeting and see if I can hit ANY of the notes.

Who is smarter? Once again, Brandon by far. Like, REALLY far.

Who's temper is worse? Well, it would appear to be me since I'm more vocal about it. He just pulls the silent treatment if he's mad. Okay, who are we kidding, it's me for sure.

Who does the laundry? I probably do most of the time but he definitely knows how. And every once in a while he surprises me and does it.

Who does the dishes? Both, but definitely Brandon more often. He finishes dinner so fast that he'll get up and do the dishes and he usually ends up taking my plate for me when my last bite is mid-air between the plate and my mouth. It's a great system we've got going.

Who pays the bills? He pays the credit card bills, others are automatic, and I pay rent. But that's probably just because I made us order girly checks and I think they're cute.

Who mows the lawn? Uh...we don't have a lawn. But if we did, it would be him for sure. Brandon loves working out in the yard. Someday we'll have one of our own.

Who cooks dinner? I cook the dinners that look nice and he cooks the dinners that taste good.

Who is more stubborn? Ha! Both of us are way more stubborn than any two people combined. Makes for some interesting times... :)

Who is the first to admit they are wrong? Probably me, only because he's not usually wrong.

Whose parents do you see more? His because we can walk to their house and there's a whole lot more going on there than at my parents' house. But we are faithful monthly family dinner attenders with my family.

Who has more friends? He has more friends that actually call him and want to do stuff with him, but he's bad at keeping in touch with them. Me, I keep in touch with everyone because I love it. But mostly we just do stuff with our family.

Who has more siblings? We both come from families of 8. And we both love it.

Who wears the pants? He would say I do, I would say I wish I didn't. It's just that I like to get things done, and he likes to procrastinate. :)

Friday, February 8, 2008

Cutest little thing ever

Is she not just the cutest thing ever!!! Me and Brandon are still going through a major blogging drought and have no pictures of our own to put on here so I thought I'd post one of my friend Anna's little girl, Shayna. Anna just went to Africa to visit her husband's parents who are serving a mission there and she had a lady sew this cute little outfit on an old-fashioned, non-electric sewing machine. The ones where you actually have to turn the little wheel thing with your hand. I can't believe how cute it is! I smile every time I look at this picture. Make sure you click on it to view it bigger so you can see JUST how adorable little Shayna is.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Nothing to Blog About

Hey, I know I haven't posted on here for quite a while but we really don't have a lot to blog about. Life has been really good, we've just been doing the same old. My sister-in-law had a new baby but she's got pictures of him on her blog. And yeah, nothing else new has happened. Ryan and Jessica were down from Canada visiting this weekend and we really wished they lived here, but we had a good time hanging out with them while they were here. My little sister Amy came down from Rexburg too. We went and saw August Rush together. I really love that movie. We have been hanging out at Brandon's parents house a lot and we've actually been doing a lot of puzzles. Everyone keeps making fun of us because of how fast we get them done, but hey, they keep us entertained! Here is a picture of me holding up the Noah's Ark one we did on Friday night and finished up on Saturday morning. Puzzles usually break when you try to pick them up but this one stayed together for some reason. I know I know, I'm a nerd. What can I say?

When something exciting ever happens, I'll write about it. :)