Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Lack of Posts

There is a reason for my lack of posting: Lack of pictures. I seriously haven't taken hardly any pictures lately. Reason why. Our camera sucks. I am so disappointed with it and I wish I would have realized how much I hated it before it was too late to return it. All of our pictures are blurry. Not to mention it's winter outside and there is nothing to do so we never go anywhere. Also, most of the cute stuff Mckinley is doing these days is more things she's saying, not things she's doing. She is learning so fast! She recognizes the entire alphabet now except for a few letters. She knows most of her shapes, a lot of colors, and a few numbers. And she is way into it all! She loves playing games on the iPhone with shapes, letters, etc. Every time we drive in the car she points out letters she sees on signs, and she gets so excited about them. Lately in the car too she will sit in the back and say "I like...circles! I like....stars!" Ha ha, it's so cute.

As for the iPhone, I feel like a lot of the pictures on there are blurry too. But, the main reason why I don't take tons of pictures on it is because Mckinley is usually playing with it. Lots of the pictures on there look like this.

Anyway, Mckinley is a dream. She is so much fun and we still, after 21 months, cannot get enough of her. She finally decided she likes bread so she eats sandwiches like crazy, crust and all. She even eats the sacrament bread now. She still wants to eat 24/7 and I dread the day when she is strong enough to open the fridge by herself. She asks me to open it for her countless times a day.

We decided to join Brandon's family at Disneyland in a week and we are so excited to take Mckinley and watch her enjoy it. She is excited and knows we are going to see Me Mouse, Arilla (Cindarella), Snow (Snow White), and she knows we are riding on an airplane to get there. She is obsessed with planes and although she probably won't really understand that she is inside one, I'm excited for the trip anyway.

Monday, February 13, 2012


It's been a while since I've posted. And there's a reason. Mckinley has been SICK. Yuck. I am so tired of winter and her being sick! Brandon vows she will not go to nursery again for the rest of winter.

She's now totally addicted to watching "shows." Heaven help us. :)

The day my parents left Mckinley got a cold. Then that weekend she got the throw up/diarrhea sickness and oh my gosh, it was the worst. We scrubbed so much barf and poop out of her clothes/blanket/sheets/mattress pad, and yes, even her stuffed animal. And did SO many loads of laundry. It was by far the hardest time I have ever had of being a mother.

She finally got over the stomach crap and has still had a little bit of a cough and runny nose this week. Yesterday we took her to Church, just sacrament meeting mind you, and then last night she had a horrible cough all through the night. Does it ever stop?

She is still so happy and adorable even when she's sick. But oh, I just feel so bad for her and want her to be 100% healthy again.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Well, my parents are gone. And this house is LONELY!! I miss them. Mckinley and I dropped them off at the airport yesterday and now the house feels so empty.

I realized I didn't even take a single picture of them with Mckinley while they were here. Oops.

Speaking of Mckinley, remember how I said she likes her shapes? Here is a video (it's a little long, I won't be offended if you don't finish it) of her naming some of her shapes. This was back when the only letter she knew was R. Just now I drew an M, H, W, O, A, R, D, B and she recognized all those. She is learning so fast!

She has been watching a lot of movies lately and now she is a little addicted. One of her favorites is our wedding video. Now after having watched that a million times, anytime she sees someone kiss on TV she has to reach around and kiss Brandon. It is so stinking cute! On a side note though, we are thinking maybe we need to hide all the DVD's for a while. Out of sight, out of mind. We hope.