Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Boat Life

Our time on the boat was very relaxing. I took lots of naps, we read lots, and ate lots and lots.

Towel animals by the pool.

Carnival's famous melting chocolate cake.

Finally back at LA and everyone is getting back up to date with real life.

Our kids made us a side walk chalk welcome home sign on our driveway. Ava gave us the best reaction when we got back. She couldn't stop smiling and laughing.

Cute Mexican dress for Ava!

Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta was by far our favorite stop. So many breathtaking views.

Half of us got a driver to take us zip lining and the other half who zip lined a few years ago went snorkeling. We all had an amazing time.

We weren't able to take our phones with us zip lining so we don't have any pictures of it but it was an amazing experience. We went on 10 different zip lines through this jungle.

Yummy guava Popsicle on the way home.

So pretty! Behind us is the place where half of the group snorkeled, which is definitely something we will hit up on our next trip there.

We all met up at Pipi's for lunch and had some good, but expensive, Mexican food.

Fried ice cream. It was great but Brandon's is way better.


The next day our stop was Mazatlan.

Waiting for everyone so we could get off the boat together.

We got a driver who took us to a cathedral and the market. This market totally reminded me of the Philippines.

Especially the pig heads. I have almost this exact picture from my mission.

The cathedral was really beautiful.

Next our driver took us to watch some cliff divers.

I think this picture is Jordan but I did get a video of one guy diving off this cliff. Takes lots of guts I'm sure.

Next our driver took us to the beach. The water was sooo warm! Like a bathtub. It felt amazing. Fun to swim out in the ocean and just relax. And eat delicious mangoes.

Last he took us to a place to get tacos. They were delicious.

Back on the boat for some mini golf and food and relaxation playing games and hanging out.