Thursday, July 27, 2017

Fairytale Dance

I just had to write real quick about Kallie's dance class. I signed her up for this fairytale dance class that is right by our house. Mckinley did it a few years ago too and just loved it. Kallie was so timid at first and stone faced and just so worried that she would mess up. Ha ha. It's so casual and totally just for fun. She ended up LOVING it and wants to do it again. They dress up as a different princess every week and dance to songs from that movie. It's adorable!



Mary Poppins


Lion King


Sleeping Beauty

The Rest of July

We have gone to the Provo splash pad quite a few times this summer. Kallie rocks the boots with a swimming suit look!

Splash pad with cousins.

Our other favorite place to go has been the University Mall playground. The kids love it.

We got to go swimming at the best pool ever with my friend. Seriously, this pool is perfect. We are hoping for another trip or two there before summer is over!

Slip n slide with cousins while the out of towners were here for the 4th.

Fountains at the University Mall. They do a song every 20 minutes like the Bellagio. Just on a smaller scale. But still cool.

Turning the bathtub into a swimming pool.

Ava turned 9 months old! And is just so cute and so fun, completely mobile. Crawling everywhere and standing up next to anything possible.

Mckinley went to a birthday party at Classic Skating and shared her tokens with the twins when we picked her up.

Sometimes Tyler likes to put on like 5 pairs of pajamas. He doesn't sleep in all of them, just tries them all on.

We had a fun picnic one day as a family and went to the Bean Museum.

Brandon and his family are training to ride in the Salt to Saint again this year.

Mckinley took this picture of the rainbow at Brandon's parents house.

Ava is getting busy and starting to get into drawers and stuff.

I bought the kids this fun paint by sticker book (and one for myself too). Great entertainment!


Matchy matchy in our purple clothes.

I got to go do a session at the Provo City Center Temple with my friend Camile. My first session in a year and a half. Yikes! It was beautiful.

They added this butterfly to the University Mall playground and the kids didn't leave it the whole time we were there.

Tyler and Kallie are enrolled in Upstart preschool for next year and they are loving it so far! They beg to do preschool every day and get mad if they're not the first one who gets to take a turn every day. We'll see if that lasts once the school year starts and their time is actually counted.

We had an amazing swimming day at the Provo Rec Center yesterday. We stayed way past bedtime and everyone had a blast. We are embracing summer and loving it! As much as we can working around Ava's naps.

Saturday, July 8, 2017

4th of July

The 4th of July is such a great holiday, one of my favorites.

We had a great time at the balloons, as always. I love that we have done this every single year since our kids were born.

Last year we forgot Kallie's shoes and Shannon came to the rescue, this time we forgot Mckinley's shoes. I let her borrow mine until Shellee could come rescue her. Next year I'm putting all three kids' shoes in the car the night before!

We love that Ross always gets tickets for the breakfast after the balloons. Such a great tradition.

The parade this year was better than ever. Ross saved us an amazing parking spot with the scooter, our seats were excellent, the kids had a blast! Couldn't have asked for anything more.

We had a BBQ for lunch and had so much fun spending lots of time with family!