Monday, November 30, 2015


I realized I didn't blog for the whole month of November. Oops. So here is a recap of the month.

Just some cute pictures of the girls when we were at Pizza Hut getting Mckinley's free pizza for Kindergarten reading.

Tyler continues to fall asleep in all sorts of weird places.

We have the most beautiful view out our back windows and have been enjoying many gorgeous sunsets. We love our house so much and feel so grateful to live in this area.

Mckinley is learning so much in Kindergarten. I love that she dots her i's with hearts. She is reading quite well now.

I have no idea where this is from, probably Brandon's phone. But it's cute!

Mckinley lost her first tooth on November 17th. Her two bottom permanent teeth grew in awhile ago so we were pretty worried about the baby teeth coming out and even took her to the dentist to see if they needed to be pulled but he said they didn't. And they did eventually come out on their own! Woohoo!

Her second one came out 5 days later. One of her top teeth is loose but I am not in a rush to pull it out because the permanent tooth isn't in behind it like these ones were.

Ha ha, this reminds me of Room on the Broom. Our kids love that show!

I think Tyler was napping and I decided to be nice and let Kallie paint. It was probably one of her first times. I hate the mess!

Playing with our friend Kenzey's new kitten. The kids LOVED it.

We had such a fun Thanksgiving this year. We ate at Brandon's parents house and hung out there all afternoon and then I took the kids to my parents house to see my family while Brandon went out Black Friday shopping. The only pictures I took the entire day were these next two.

Mckinley holding her new cousin Isla who was born two days before Thanksgiving.

Brandon's dad took us all to a hotel in Park City the day after Thanksgiving. The kids had so much fun swimming with their cousins. We always love little getaways like this.

We had a room with 2 queens so we slept in one and put the kids sideways in the other one. Pretty soon we won't fit in one hotel room!

Kallie is a hoarder. Like she has a serious problem. All she does all day is gather toys. And I mean lots of toys. And then just puts them in a pile. Or in a bag. Or a wagon. And takes them around and puts them in different places, but always in a big pile. This is what she did when we had all the Christmas boxes out and were trying to decorate the house. I gave up on the bottom shelf of this table. I had everything displayed nicely and it's all in a pile again.

See what I mean?

And this is over at Brandon's parents house. We were there for like 10 minutes and she did this!