Tuesday, July 31, 2018

July Misc.

We have had some smoky skies from wildfires that have resulted in a very red sun at the end of the day. Pretty cool.

Kallie is becoming just as amazing as an artist as her big sister. Love her!

Ava eating cheerios like a dog off of the cheerios book. :)

Cutest little mouth!

After a very traumatizing attempt at nursery, Ava fell asleep in my arms at church. Heaven.

Mckinley's first "stand" was selling yarn bracelets we made. Her buyers were Tyler, Kallie, and Sophie with money they found in our junk drawer in the kitchen. Ha ha ha.

Ava is amazing at these little wooden puzzles! It's just in our blood because we didn't teach her at all.

Tyler makes some pretty awesome creations with blocks. Most of the time they transform and do something special. It's so cool!

Monday, July 30, 2018

Bear Lake

We went to Bear Lake for 3 nights for a Stum Family Reunion. I spent so much time stressing about it and dreading it the whole summer, all for nothing because it was so much fun and so perfect!

Kallie got sick the day before we left. She had a fever and slept the entire day and threw up a couple times.

The day we left Tyler got a fever but Mckinley said a prayer on our way out that he wouldn't be sick and miraculously, he wasn't! His fever went away by the time we got there and no one else got sick. It was incredible!

The KOA was so much fun. They had so many things to do.

This picture was taken minutes before Mckinley fell off these monkey bars and landed right on her face in the gravel. She skinned up both of her knees and had scratches on her nose and forehead, with a goose egg right in the middle of her forehead, probably from falling on her glasses. Her glasses are all scratched up and she will need new ones. She was traumatized. But so lucky she didn't get hurt worse.

Her battle wounds.

The inside of one of the rooms of our cabin. My mom traded and took our one room cabin and gave us her two room, which was probably the main thing that made our vacation so amazing.

We went swimming each day at the KOA and then of course went to the beach also.

Bear Lake is soooo beautiful!

Look at the color of that water!!

Some people from the group took all our EZ Ups and set them up and saved us a spot, which was so amazing. We had the best time the first day at the lake. The weather was incredible. It couldn't have been better.

Brandon played in a spike ball tournament the second day and had a blast.

We were lucky enough to get a ride on this cute little train around the KOA. Seriously, I can't get over how fun this trip was.

Tyler was the first raffle winner!!

My mom and all her siblings with spouses. So impressive that they put forth so much effort to get together!

All the grand kids that were there.

So many wonderful memories from this trip!!!

Monday, July 23, 2018

Dinosaur Museum

Brandon enjoyed Ava falling asleep on him at Church when she wasn't feeling well.

Fun time at the Dinosaur Museum with Tara and her kids while they were in town.