Saturday, January 24, 2015


January is not my favorite month of the year. Other than the fact that Brandon was born in January, there isn't much I love about it. It's full of cold days and sick kids. We really haven't taken very many pictures this month and have been home with sick kids most of the month.

New Years Day we went swimming at the Provo Rec Center with all of Brandon's family. It was so much fun. 

Brandon's birthday was on a Sunday this year which always bites. We did go out to dinner at Carrabba's the night before.

I had to include this picture of Kallie because she is just so stinking cute. The twins are talking so much now, and especially Kallie. It is so awesome.

I finally gave in and went and played with the kids in the snow one day. I really don't like playing in the snow and we don't have the proper gear but they were happy with this tiny snowman and a little slide I made them in the snow.

We went to Cold Stone a few days after Brandon's birthday. Brandon chose cotton candy ice cream with strawberries mixed in and it was actually amazing.

Tyler loves to play with my hair and loves to rub it in my face and over my eyes. Love this kid!

We brought our old Queen bed up for the kids to sleep in. They love it! They don't all actually sleep in it together, they were just really excited the first night and were playing in it. We are hoping Mckinley and Kallie can sleep in it together and then Tyler has a single bed in his room. So far the twins still sleep in their cribs a lot at night though. Usually in beds for naps.

Kallie dumped out all the puzzles. Twice. She sure can be a stinker!

I caught Mckinley writing her name upside down on her homework. She has some pretty crazy skills! She also does swirl letters. It's so cute. I don't know where she comes up with this stuff. It is so fun to see all she is learning in preschool.

Mckinley LIVES for birthdays and holidays. She has all of her birthdays planned out all the way through till she turns 14. She is so excited for Valentine's Day and is always wanting to decorate for it. We go through a lot of tape around here!