Wednesday, February 26, 2020


Monday I found out for sure that I would need surgery and that I could get in on Wednesday. It was really annoying waiting till then, even though it wasn't that long to wait.

So we drove up to Salt Lake again to have surgery.

The surgeon we picked had great reviews and he was so amazing to give me his cell phone number and talk to me three times on the phone before surgery. We didn't meet him till we were in the waiting room. He put a plate and screws in to my bone and also did another separate surgery for carpel tunnel that I may or may not have needed. And while we were there I had him drain this huge cyst that had appeared on my right hand like a month before. It was a lot.

I was so excited to be put under because I always loved it before with IVF but man, this time was different. I felt so awful coming out of surgery. I was in a ton of pain, I said no to a nerve root block that maybe I should have said yes to. I felt so nauseous. I am green in this picture! I ended up puking in the parking lot before we got to the car. I felt so horrible that entire evening until I finally took the nerve pain pills and a bunch of ibuprofen before I went to bed. Then I slept great and haven't had a lot of pain since. But man, that day I thought I was going to die!

My new cast was worlds better than my first one. Two weeks in this, then three weeks in a brace, then who knows how long of physical therapy and stretching before I get my full movement back.

Sunday, February 23, 2020

Steph’s First Broken Bone

So, to continue on with that broken bone story. Mckinley was at a birthday party late Friday night, February 21st. We were getting ready to have a fun Friday night with the other kids when I decided to hop on the hover board to ride across the house to get more diapers for Jackson. I came back into my bedroom where everyone was, and lost my balance getting off the hover board. I fell back to my bum, and caught myself with my left hand. It hurt my hand sooo dang bad. I reached down and ripped my watch off immediately, and then said, I think I broke my wrist. And like 5 seconds after that, I knew for sure that I broke my wrist. I couldn't move my hand up or down at all. 

Brandon changed Jackson's diaper for me and I told him we needed to get him in bed and go to an instacare. I called our insurance to find out where I could go. There was a place right up the street from us that was open for another half an hour. This all happened at 8 p.m. I called a neighbor to get Mckinley from the party that ended at 9 p.m. It was 8:30 by the time we got off to go to a doctor.

At the instacare they did x-rays and told me the break was so bad that they wouldn't be able to help me there and I needed to go to an emergency room somewhere and would possibly need surgery. The guy on call at the Timpanogos ER was apparently a terrible surgeon so we drove all the way up to Salt Lake to the University of Utah hospital.

A resident came in and tried to re set my bone (they call it reduce) and boy did he ever try. He tried for hours. It didn't hurt. They numbed my arm, which was better I guess than being put to sleep for it, which was what I was told I would have to do.

He had to hang up my arm in this Chinese finger trap to let the muscles relax away. They put a weight on my arm to pull it down. This wasn't fun.

Then he yanked and yanked and thought he got it set okay, so he put a cast on me and sent me off to x-ray. After I got back he told me he wanted to try some more. So we took the cast off, he pulled and pulled again, more x-rays, and then another cast. I knew the bone wasn't staying where he wanted it to so I figured I would need surgery.

This was Friday night though so I had to wait over the weekend to even talk to a surgeon to find out what to do. This is a picture of the break from the side, you can see how swollen my arm was.

This big cast I had on was so terrible. He was trying to pull my arm as he put the cast on so it was way too long up by my fingers and I really couldn't do a single thing with my arm from Saturday to Wednesday. It hurt if I even touched my fingers on anything.

Kallie wrote me this cute note on Saturday. The kids were all so sweet. Saturday was a rough day full of lots of tears from all of us as I realized more and more things I wouldn't be able to do.

Someone (we have a strong suspicion it was my nieces down the street) heart attacked our door too. So sweet.

Saturday, February 22, 2020

More February

We took the kids to Hangtime on President's Day when there was no school. We hadn't been for over 2 years and it has changed a lot. They all hada great time!

Kallie and Sophie are the best little friends and told me on this day, "It's just so hard to say goodbye!"

Getting bigger and bigger.


Mckinley got to go to Lowe's Extreme Sports for her friend Kailyn's birthday party.

While she was gone I fell getting off the hover board and broke my wrist. Bad. More to come on that later.

Friday, February 14, 2020


The kids got all excited to dress up for 100 day at school. Each of them had an item from a great grandparent.

Kristen and her kids came over after school on a snowy day to go sledding and play out in the snow. I stayed inside with Jackson and Harley and everyone had a great time.

It sure is great being home with just these two every day.

The kids wanted creative valentines boxes and I had a blast making them.

Had to document the day we were all duped into taking pictures of our standing broom sticks thinking that the earth's gravitational pull was extra strong. Lol.

Mckinley hasa great group of friends and had a fun late night with them at our house.

First time sitting up in the cart!

Pink heart pancakes for the kids for Valentines dinner before Brandon and I headed off to the church for our couples dinner activity. Pictures from that aren't pulling up on here for some reason.