Saturday, September 30, 2017

More Wedding

I couldn't get these pictures to add to my last post. 

Karen pulled off an amazing luncheon, especially for being out of town. She had everything so organized and we just helped a tiny bit.

Annie and I unknowingly bought the exact same dress. Ha ha! So fun.

K, seriously, the pool was incredible. Such a fun place to stay.

These two! When will they ever stop napping????

Brandon crashed on me both nights.

Ava kind of had a fever the day after the wedding, which meant lots of snuggles and having her fall asleep in bed with me for the first time ever! Luckily nothing ever came of it.

Mckinley scares me a little. I think she thinks she can just swim across the ocean. She has a little too much confidence in the pool. But she is doing great with swimming. I'm glad she loves it so much.

Friday, September 29, 2017

Lincoln and Megan's Wedding

We got to go to St. George for Lincoln and Megan's wedding. I was excited for a fun little family trip.

The kids did pretty well on the drive down. Tyler and Kallie slept for part of it, which was nice. Ava slept a little too. I was the driver on the way down so Brandon took care of the kids. Which was nice.

The place we stayed at was so nice!!! We had a blast. The pool was amazing, and it was so fun staying in a big house with family so we could spend a lot of time together.

Megan's mom arranged for babysitters during the sealing and I felt so bad for them! They survived though and didn't even look too flustered when we got back.

This was the first picture I took on the trip. Mckinley helping Kallie with her dress. I thought it was so sweet.

Jessica took pictures of the kids while we were waiting for Lincoln and Megan to come out of the temple.

Cutie pie Ava at the luncheon. Oh, I could just eat her up.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Tyler and Kallie are FIVE!

Tyler and Kallie had their 5th birthday. They were so excited!

Mickey Mouse pancakes served in bed, of course.

All they wanted to do was go to Hang Time, so that's what we did. We kept Mckinley home from school for the morning to celebrate with us. They had a blast!

We had lunch at Wendy's after. Here is Ava snarfing down a french fry.

I made them cakes (Kristen wrote their names on them) and we sang happy birthday while they happened to have a few cousins over to play.

And of course we went to Pizza Factory for dinner.

The next day Tyler was eating leftover birthday cake for lunch and was surrounded by all of his new favorite toys. Ha ha ha.

At five Tyler and Kallie still fight a ton, but play together even more. They need each other around and I love that. They are so smart and know all their letters and can write their names like champs. They still can't pronounce their r's. They love joy school and will be soooo ready for Kindergarten next year. They both get in trouble constantly for loving on Ava too much and bugging her. Tyler is still a very picky eater. Kallie full of sass but is so much fun. We love them both!

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

September Happenings

The kids always love going to our fertility baby reunion party and getting their faces painted.

This time they had a little petting zoo.

We ran into my friend there who ultimately ended up helping us find out that the baby inside me had stopped growing. This is the only picture we have of this amazing miracle baby that I got pregnant with surprisingly (without in vitro!!!!). It was an amazing three weeks while we had our hopes high and dreamed of this baby before our hearts were broken. I was 9 weeks when I found out the baby stopped growing at 6 weeks, and I was 10 weeks when I miscarried. This ultrasound was when the baby was 6 weeks and there was a strong heartbeat.

Cutest little Church dress!

Lots of lovin' on Ava.

She's at that stage. Always into something.

We bought the kids Halloween costumes and they dressed up in them every day for days until we finally put them away to see if they can last till Halloween.

Ava loves to eat dirt! So gross.

Ava always sucks her thumb if she sees her blanket. And she always puts her feet up on shopping carts.

Brandon and his family signed up for the Salt to Saint again this year and had a blast, beating their time from last year by 2 hours, coming in 3rd place in their division.

Cute cousins! Ava and Calvin.