Friday, March 30, 2018


Easter was great this year. So fun to see Ava doing Easter egg hunts for the first time.

A week before Easter we went to Brandon's parents' ward party. We have gone every year forever and it's one of our favorite traditions. It was a pretty cold morning but we still had fun.

Ava hadn't had any practice but she did awesome just walking around and picking up eggs to put in her basket. She didn't need any help.

We had breakfast again outside this year but it was so cold we ended up eating in the van. Still really yummy.

Since Easter was on General Conference and we didn't go to church I took a picture of the kids the week before, even though no one got new Easter clothes this year (unless you count Mckinley's baptism dress that we let her wear). I don't even bother trying to get a "good" picture. The real life ones are just as great in my mind. The sun is always too bright for Tyler, ha ha ha, and Ava couldn't hold still long enough. I love it. And I love them. As crazy as they make me sometimes, they really are amazing kids.

This is how Ava folds her arms. She also mumbles softly during our prayers.

One of Ava's favorite places to be is up on the kitchen table. She gets up there and then stomps her feet in delight.

We got to go to Bradon's parents house to dye Easter eggs. Mckinley was really sad to have to leave early and go to dance but she got to come back and finish after. It was a really great night.

I took joy school for my friend who just had a baby and I taught the week before Easter so we finger painted paper Easter eggs. Tyler says his is an eyeball?? Yikes. And the sass just radiates from Kallie, am I right?

We enjoyed watching General Conference and got to have a fun lunch at my parents' house on Saturday and see my brother Todd who was here from Seattle. The kids had an Easter egg hunt there. I didn't get any pictures though.

Sunday we went to Brandon's parents house after conference and the kids had a blast gathering eggs in the back yard and then hiding gum for the parents to find. Such fun traditions! Then we had a yummy dinner together.

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

March Random

Kallie, Sophie, and Tyler going to joy school. Joy school has just been the best! We love it so much.

Tyler playing a little Fortnite. Ha ha.

Love when I get to see my baby sleeping.

And here she is not looking like a baby at all.

Walking to Church is the best!

Just laying down on the floor in Relief Society coloring like she's a big girl or something.

Dinners out on the deck! Love it!

We have the nicest neighbors who let us play in their yards whenever we want.

Tyler, Ava, and Tyler's friend, Austin.

Kallie and Sophie.

Ava sits on the floor next to our nightstands to hide.

She loves wearing other people's shoes.

Mckinley got to go see the Little Mermaid play at the Hale Center Theater with her cousin Ella and my mom as an earlky birthday present. She loved it and told us EVERY detail of the play when she got home.

Ava was being so cute at Jason Shannon's one night and came down from the toy room wearing this cute hat.

Just a cute selfie of Kallie.

We had another big perler bead phase. It was fun making lots of creative things.

The kids out enjoying a rainy day.

Fun times at the park. Ava has no fear and goes down the big twisty slides on her own.

Friday, March 9, 2018


Our finished plates from Color Me Mine! We love them and can't wait to use them.

Doing some grocery shopping on a Saturday and we went to Macey's to get a few things which of course included ice cream, and randomly some free cake they were serving to celebrate their 70th birthday.

Brandon's mom turned 60 on March 3rd. When she turned 50 she gave each of her kids $50. She told us that wouldn't be happening this time, but she surprised us and it did. She wrote a note to every single person in the family, gave each of the kids $6, and each couple $60. So fun! Mckinley turned her letter into a purse. Trust her to go and do something creative with it.

Ava is covered in bumps and bruises constantly. She is always getting hurt. Such is the age. She wiggled out of my arms while I was doing her hair on Sunday and face planted right on a toy that cut her eye lid and gave her a nice circular bruise on her forehead. It's fading now.

We had a random Monday off for teacher development or whatever. Mckinley said I hate three day weekends, I wish we could have a one day weekend. Ha ha. She loves school. We tried to turn it into a fun day though. I took the kids to the Bean Museum, then to the Museum of Art, then for milkshakes at Arctic Circle.

Tuesday night we decided to take our kids to Lucy's Pizza. They weren't very good, didn't like the pizza, same old. They thought we were going to go to the fun indoor facility at BYU for Lincoln's soccer game afterwards but we found out his game was outside and it's too cold so I took them to the library to play instead. I absolutely love their poses in this picture!!!

Life is good. Spring is coming and we are excited to get outside more. These kids are growing up before my eyes and I love them all. They are each so amazing individually and I feel lucky to be their mom and to be married to Brandon.