Sunday, June 30, 2019

End of June

Did a fun comparison picture with Jackson and Tyler. I wanna say this was when they were about 7 or 8 weeks old.

Little miss thumb sucker.

Brandon took Mckinley, Tyler, and Kallie down to St. George for 3 nights and I stayed home with Ava and Jackson. The first day they were gone I got the house all cleaned and it felt so good. But then they were both whiny and hard the rest of the weekend. It was a little rough.

They went down to Vegas for a day for Jordan's residency graduation. The kids always love being with their cousins.

Ava was so cute playing with her stuffed dog as a baby all weekend.

Sweet sweet baby Jackson. Well, not so sweet. Super fussy. But so cute and sweet looking.

Kallie and Sophie at Jordan's graduation.

While they were gone I took Ava and Jackson to meet Summer's new baby.

And played at Kristen's house.

I bought Ava this new swimsuit and she wants to wear it all the time. And knowing that the other kids were swimming in St. George she kept begging me to go swimming.

Jackson is getting big!

So I took Ava to the splash pad and then she wouldn't touch the water. Sheesh.

Eating pringles at the splash pad.

St. George shenanigans.

They ate dinner one night at Hash House a Gogo. The pancakes were huge!

They had so much fun swimming. Our property in Hurricane is pretty amazing!

Back home and jumping on the trampoline at Grandma and Grandpa's under a beautiful rainbow.

More pics of Ava taking care of her "babies."

Saturday, June 22, 2019


June 9th marked our 13 year anniversary. We asked Ross and Karen if they would watch the kids while we went to dinner. Instead, Ross decided to send us to a hotel and they watched the kids overnight. We enjoyed a relaxing night snuggling with Jackson with no interruptions. It was great!

The kids on the other hand stayed up late, Kallie wet the bed, and they all woke up early. I think our night was better than theirs. :)

The next night my parents babysat everyone while Brandon and I did a session at the temple. It had been quite a while and was the first time we had gone since they shortened it.

On Sunday evenings in June you can always find us at concert in the park. We had to miss the first week because the weather was terrible. We have had the weirdest weather this spring. Tons of cold and rainy days. This is one of our favorite traditions though. I love it!

June 10th summer school started for Tyler, Kallie and Mckinley. They are working on putting on a play called The Empty Pot and they have been loving school so far. It's based on arts this year and it's a lot of fun.

Free breakfast and lunch has been a part of it too and makes life a lot easier for me!

Jackson finally had his first real bath.

Mckinley got to go to a fun scout camp called Camp Jeremiah in Springville with all the activity days girls. She even saw her cousin Mia there too. She had a blast.

I took the little four kids outside and read books on a blanket and just enjoyed the nice weather while Mckinley was gone. Brandon was gone that night at a bishopric meeting too. He's the ward clerk so he is gone a lot to meetings.

Ava is getting really good on the scooter. And she is in a major dress phase right now. Usually wearing play dresses but sometimes she wears her church dresses on weekdays too.

I got a visit from my mission companion Camile. She has been so good at keeping in touch over the last 15 years and always comes to see me when she's in Utah.

She brought these cute little shoes for Jackson that don't quite fit him yet but Ava wanted him to wear them anyway. So he did, for a picture. :)

These kids sure love their baby brother and have been very helpful, holding him when he is fussy. His angel baby phase lasted four weeks and now we have had quite a few bad nights, and lots of fussiness in the day. But for the most part, he's still a pretty good baby.

I took the kids to the Vineyard park one afternoon. It was sprinkling when we went but ended up being really great weather and they had a good time.

Friday and Saturday nights last weekend we got food from Rumbi and brought it to Nelson's Grove park. We always want to take advantage of the good weather when we can.

Ha, here's our little screaming babe. Still love him to pieces. He is getting so big. He already weighs 8 pounds!

We had a few free swimming nights this week at the Lindon pool. The kids love nothing more than swimming!

Jackson and I got to cuddle off to the side of the pool. He was perfect and slept the whole time.

We were supposed to go to the Carillon Bell Concert this week which is also one of my favorite traditions but it was super windy that night so we just got together at Ross and Karen's instead. The kids were pretty disappointed to miss out on the concert so we might have to go have a picnic on the hill by the bell tower sometime this summer.

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Dream Baby

Oh my goodness, there are a lot of pictures on this post, but when we have a new baby in the house, we take A LOT of pictures.

We are just absolutely loving this baby. He is an absolute dream baby and has been so amazing!

Brandon has been doing such an amazing job of making sure our other kids get the attention they need. He has been letting them have sleepovers out in the family room on weekends.

Then one weekend he even slept with them down in the theater room for two nights in a row.

All the kids just love Jackson and he is so easy to love because he is such a good baby!!!! He only wakes up once a night to eat, usually around 3 or 4, and then goes right back to sleep and doesn't wake up till around 8 or later in the morning. Total dream! He's pretty content throughout the day and now that he's three weeks old he is spending a lot more time awake during the day.

The big three kids were all wanting to take turns holding him on their shoulder one day.

Love those cute forehead wrinkles!!

I love these pictures. This was totally just happening and so I snapped a picture of it. You can just see the love in this picture.

At his two week check up Jackson got circumcised. It was so hard to watch. He cried so much. It's been a week since then and he is all healed now and diapers are easy to change again.

Ava is often found hanging out in Jackson's car seat or in the baby swing which I ended up putting away because I think it swings him too high for how little he is.

I'm so happy that life has seemed normal since Jackson was born and I haven't been a crazy person. I usually get baby blues at 2 weeks but I didn't get it this time. At least not full on like I usually do. I've had a few moments of being emotional but nothing I would call baby blues. I even made sugar cookies with the kids one day.

Kallie loves babies the most I think. She is always wanting to kiss or hold Jackson. She is so sweet.

Brandon has also taken the kids over to roller blade at the Church several times since Jackson was born. They always have a blast and it is one of their favorite things to do.

Jackson's first bath.

We are very happy and really enjoying life right now!