Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Nielsen's Grove

Nielsen's Grove park is one of our favorites. I don't know if it's because of Coronavirus somehow, but this year there were more baby ducks than we have ever seen. We went at least three times to see them. They are so cute.

Getting food from the school ever since school got cancelled has been so amazingly helpful. We absolutely love it.

Jackson doesn't like grass, ha ha.

Looking so big.

Saturday, April 25, 2020

Steph turns 38

Having a birthday during quarantine was just my cup of tea. I don't care to do anything with anyone other than my little family anyway, and I'm totally fine getting food to go so I was happy as a clam.

Brandon and the kids brought me breakfast in bed of course.

I had ordered a new diamond art kit for myself like a month previous and it just happened to show up in the mail the day before my birthday which was pretty perfect timing. It felt like I actually got a birthday gift. :)

Brandon kept asking me what I wanted for lunch and dinner. It's usually pretty hard for me to decide but I am so happy with my choices! I didn't want anything too heavy for lunch so I decided to go with my all time favorite pretzels from DQ. So delicious!

Right after lunch my parents came to visit me and stayed and chatted for about an hour which was really fun.

Then I left and went to meet up with my friends at the church parking lot and we stayed and chatted for almost two hours. I left Jackson home with the kids and Brandon helped out babysitting him as well. So nice!

For dinner we went and got Mobettah's to go and it was heavenly. So dang good.

Then that evening we ate some of the yummy treats my friend gave me and watched Ready Player One for the second time that week. Ha ha. It was such a fabulous day. Best part about it was that I decided to cancel school so I didn't have to deal with homeschooling the kids. It was great!

Happy baby on the swing!

So we went on a family bike ride to the park and Ava was so whiny and kept begging to go home and then finally on the way home I looked back and saw that she had fallen asleep on Jackson's shoulder. It was just about the cutest thing I've ever seen.

The kids are so big now and Ava is involved in sleepovers so we have to pull in two mattresses. A queen and a twin. This was a sleepover in Mom and Dad's room. Pretty much every Friday and Saturday night the kids have a sleepover somewhere in the house.

I wanted to go drive up Squaw Peak to show the kids the view so we ended up doing that on Saturday after my birthday (which was on Thursday). The drive up made me a little carsick and I was wondering if it was worth it but once we got up there we were able to watch some para gliders taking off which was so incredible! The view was amazing. It was fun to try to find our house and the temples and anything else we recognized. Brandon and I drove up squaw peak to see the fall leaves seriously like 12 years ago and this is the first time we've been back since. The kids loved it!

Tuesday, April 21, 2020


Easter was so great this year! Ross brought the Easter egg hunts to each of our houses so we didn't all have to get together and it was so fun hiding the eggs in our own yard and having it be more intimate.

First of all when the kids work up in the morning we sent them on a treasure hunt. 

It ended in the dryer with a basket of treats.

Then Grandpa came over for a really spiritual Easter Sacrament Meeting and then a fun Easter egg hunt.

Then the kids hid the gum for Mom and Dad to find.

We have been going to the school and picking up free lunch and breakfast every day and the kids absolutely love it.

Decorating Easter egg cookies.

We finally got to go on a bike ride as a family! At first Brandon was telling me I couldn't ride because of my broken wrist but I just put my brace back on (I was out of it by this point) and it worked out really well! It was so fun and we love just going to the church parking lot and riding around there.

Ava has been putting her own make up on every day. This particular day she chose really dark eye shadow and she looked like a raccoon for a couple of days. Ha ha.

Mrs. Heaps had us meet her at the school on April 22nd to pick up all the stuff Tyler and Kallie had in their desks. She gave them their end of year gift. It was pretty much saying goodbye. I can't believe we are homeschooling for the rest of the school year. And honestly with the way things are going with this quarantine I am wondering if the kids will even go back to school in August.

Jackson was blowing on my cheek and it looked like he was kissing me. This kid is pretty fussy so we really enjoy the times when he is happy. He got happier after he learned to crawl and now it's like he is mostly whining if he is awake.

Proof of the cute crawling baby.

Ava loves Jackson so much and always talks about how cute he is.

I love pushing these two together in the double stroller!

Jason took the kids on rides around the neighborhood in the back of his truck. We didn't play with these guys for like a month and then this week we kind of gave up and Kallie has been playing with Sophie again.