Monday, September 28, 2009

True Supporters

We spent a lot of time this weekend watching sports. Which is fine. We have a lot of different teams we cheer for though. This weekend it was Utah State Aggies, Provo Bulldogs, BYU Cougars, then Utah State Aggies again.

Thursday Chan had a game vs the U of U. They played it in the Rio Tinto Stadium and it was a lot of fun to be there. We did get kicked out of our seats a couple times which was strange because there were so many open seats, but they would only let us sit in certain sections. Weird.

Anyway, Chandra's team won in overtime with a really sweet goal.

Can you tell Chan is excited that they won? :)

Friday night we went to Lehi to watch Lincoln play football against them. I felt so bad for them because it was their Homecoming game and Provo slaughtered them. Lehi didn't score any points at all. :( I didn't take any pictures at that game.

Saturday we watched the BYU football game at home on TV and then later that night we went to BYU to watch Chandra's team play soccer against them. BYU beat them. It was a sad game. Although the ref's had a big part of BYU's win. Notice in this picture how three of the four ref's are not placing their hand over their heart? Yeah, I'm pretty sure those were the three ref's that decided to be on BYU's team for that game. So lame.

Me and Bran at the game.

Sunday we went to Church with Brandon's family to support his dad in his new calling as Bishop of the ward. We had an amazingly yummy dinner at the house afterwards and then played cards all night. We had such a good time. (Notice how Brandon is the only male helping out in the kitchen? It's like that every time we have a family dinner. He is so good and I'm so glad he's mine!)

Now back to work. Yuck.

Thursday, September 24, 2009


We always love it when family comes in to town. Of course, we'd love it more if they never even left, but still... Tara and Gary were here last weekend. Gary went back home on Sunday but Tara is still here and we have been having so much fun hanging out with her.

We had a fabulous lunch at PF Changs on Saturday.

After lunch Brandon and I got to babysit this sweet little thing. We had so much fun!

Check Spelling
We have been getting together lots and playing cards and just hanging out. Tonight we are headed off to the Rio Tinto Stadium to watch Chandra play soccer.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

New Post

I was told today that I needed to update my blog. Not that I didn't already know that. I pretty much write blog posts for the comments and once I don't have any new comments for a while, I know it's time to poast again. It's always hard coming back to real life after a vacation though and I don't feel like I've done anything since then that is exciting enough to blog about.

We have been to a few Provo High football games lately since Brandon's little brother Lincoln has been filling in for their injured kicker. He has been doing amazing and it's a lot more fun to watch football than soccer, in my opinion.

Here he is about to kick a PAT, which of course he made. I don't think he's missed one yet.

It was hard to get a picture of Lincoln with his helmet on because he hates wearing it.

Me and Bran watching the game.

Shannon with her girls watching a different game.

Our Labor Day weekend was mostly spent sitting around at home doing a whole lot of nothing, but we did venture out on Monday to have a picnic with my sister Heidi. And this is the only picture I have from the whole day. Very unlike me, I know. I actually mostly took it so my mom could see her highlights. Mom, click on the picture so you can see them closer up. They are really cute.
That's about it for now. It's a little depressing to me to think that the next paid holiday is Thanksgiving. :( At least I have paid holidays though. I'll stop complaining.