Tuesday, June 30, 2020

June Fun

Man, all it takes is looking back at pictures to realize we do a lot of fun things together, even though sometimes life can seem so mundane and boring and hard.

The kids have been loving Vineyard park.

My mom's neighbor Sarah opened up her pool to us and we took advantage of it like 5 times. It was so great.

Jackson loves playing in the measuring cup drawer.

We also spend lots of time in our neighbor's backyard. We are so grateful they let us play back there anytime we want.

I love that Jackson uses my bra strap as a hand hold. Ha ha ha.

One of my favorite baby milestones is when they learn to go down the stairs. Jackson always starts out like this and then eventually turns around and crawls down.

The kids have been incredibly creative this summer with all sorts of Lego creations.

This is a classic COVID picture. Having ward council meeting over Zoom. Business up top, party from the waist down.


Monday, June 15, 2020

More June

Took the kids on a drive up Squaw Peak for the first time ever and saw some para gliders take off. It was a super fun memory.

Jackson getting bigger.

The kids are always taking selfies these days.

Mckinley and her friend Rachael having fun with special effects on the phone.

June 9th was our 14 year anniversary. The kids were so sweet and made menus for us and a special romantic lunch, with music and a candle and everything. It was all Mckinley's idea. She is the sweetest!

That night we went out to dinner alone and got swatchos. It was the first time I had sat down in a restaurant all through Corona.

Mckinley had been begging me forever to chop her hair so we finally made an appointment one day and did it.

Kallie and Sophie are always heart attacking the grandparent neighbors on our street. I think these three did a little door bell ditching that day too.....yikes.

Front yard family picnic.

The kids are always wanting to watch TikTok videos with Brandon.

We got out the pool once this year. The kids had a great time in it.

Brandon made a fire pit in our backyard and we have had so much fun with it this summer.

We discovered the strawberry soft serve at Purple Turtle thanks to my friend Blair.