Saturday, June 6, 2020

June so far

Man, this has been a great summer so far and it's only just begun! Summer is the best. But so is the school year. I really feel like we are living our best life right now. Quarantine life was my favorite. I'm sad it's over. I really loved how low key everything was and it just seemed like there was no pressure for anything. Brandon is still working from home but I know it won't last long. I have enjoyed every second of it. Having him in the other room has been extremely comforting for me while taking care of all these littles. But really, I feel like we are in such a good stage of life. All of our kids are still little enough that they are easy to entertain and they still like doing things as a family. Jackson is getting older and easier and I think soon in  the next couple of years we will be able to travel more and hopefully take full advantage of these precious years while our kids are all still at home. I feel so blessed that we were able to have 5 kids in 9 years and we will have lots of great years before Mckinley grows up and leaves us.

Anyway, back to this post. Back at Heritage park again one last time before Kristen had her baby. She was supposed to get induced on Friday so we planned a park day on Monday. Well after the park she went to the doctor and her fluid levels were too high so she had to go to the hospital that day to have her baby. Good thing we made it to the park!

I was so happy to learn that they were allowing visitors at the hospital! Danika is such a cute tiny baby.

Jackson has been getting woken up from his naps over and over with all these kids home and playing with friends constantly. Only a few more years and we will be done with the napping stage too.

I got brave and made homemade bread sticks. Still in the process of perfecting them, but the kids absolutely love them and can't get enough.

Ava went to a cute mermaid party for Auri at the splash pad this week.

Then another splash pad day with cousins a few days later. We actually went back today for a third time for a picnic with some of Brandon's cousins but it was so windy and cold we had to leave and I didn't take any pictures.

We just found out that Dallin and Shellee are moving back to Utah and they bought a house that literally backs on to this park. They have a gate out their back yard that leads to the park. I'm so excited for them! I know we will spend lots of time here this summer.

Our sweet neighbor and previous bishop let us take his RAZR for a ride around the neighborhood the other day.

Ava holding her new cousin.