Thursday, January 22, 2009

Call to Service

Thanks to my {wonderful} mother, we answered Michelle Obama's "Call to Service" on Martin Luther King Jr Day and got together to tie a quilt. I can't remember who we donated it to, but anyway, we had a good time making it. It was Brandon's first time quilting and I was pretty impressed that he was willing to learn and help. I thought he would assume his usual role of playing with the kids.

Anyway, I just have to tell a story from our night. Partly because it's just funny and also because I want it written down somewhere. And I don't think I'll write about it in my journal.

Okay, so my niece Ella who is just so sweet, broke my heart on Monday night. This is how. So my grandma brought capri suns for the kids. One for each kid. So all the kids were eating their dinner and drinking their capri suns and then there was one capri sun left, just sitting there. Kai came over and said that if no one else was going to drink it, he would. So Brandon put his hand out and Kai gave him the capri sun. Brandon in turn gave it to me. I know this story is sounding really lame, but keep reading. So I drink the capri sun (yes, I love drinks and juice just as much as little kids). Then later we find out that Ella didn't get a capri sun. I guess she wasn't too interested in eating till a little later or something.


The story does have an end.

So she was sad that I drank her capri sun and I felt like crap and was mad at Brandon for giving it to me because I didn't know it was hers. So the rest of the night went on. We quilted. We talked. We ate. Life was good.

And here's where she broke my heart.

Mark and Emily were leaving so Ella came up and said goodbye. I said goodbye back and then said I love you. And here is Ella's response. "I love you too. Even if you drank my capri sun." Heart. Broken. So I said I'm sorry Ella, I didn't know it was yours. And she said it's okay, I got some sparkly drink. (We had sparkling apple cider there as well.) And in Ella's language, it sounded like spahkely dwink. Oh man, she's so stinking cute! I need to go buy that girl a whole box of capri suns.

And that's the story.
And here's Ella.

Monday, January 19, 2009

It's about time I won something

I'm feeling lucky today so I thought I'd enter to win a free giveaway. Ha ha, yeah right, who knows if this is even legit. Anyway, here's the link if any of you are interested.

Monday, January 5, 2009

A Quarter of a Century

Brandon turned the big 25 yesterday.

It was a little inconvenient that his birthday happened to fall on a fast Sunday, but we made the best of it. We started out celebrating on Saturday night with a dinner at my parents' house.
Sunday after Church we had dinner at his parents' house.
Karen getting the cake ready. This was a joint celebration for Chandra and Brandon's birthdays, and according to Ryan's prayer, kind of for Lincoln's as well. Karen put pink candles on one half of the cake and blue candles on the other half.
Brandon, Chandra, and of course Haley and Mady blowing out the candles.
Happy Birthday Bran! I love you!

Friday, January 2, 2009

2009...Bring it On!!

New Years has come and gone. Now we don't have any paid holidays to look forward to till May. That's a little depressing. Oh well, we'll survive. We always do.

We had Chinese food on New Years Eve, as is tradition with Brandon's family. Then we watched Kung Fu Panda (can you ever watch that movie too many times?) and went to First Night in Provo. First Night is really cool....if you're in high school. Which we're not. But hey, it was free so who can complain? Next year I think we'll just show up in the parking lot in time to see the ball drop and the fireworks and not even bother going inside the mall.
Brandon and I before the ball dropped.
The dropped ball and fireworks.
The dropped ball and Brandon's breath. It was FREEZING out there!
Hope everyone had a great New Years!