Thursday, July 22, 2010


That's how many pictures I have in my July far. And we still have a big family reunion coming up next week. Imagine if we were still using film cameras....

Tara took this picture of me and Mckinley sleeping at Bear Lake. I had no clue she took it. I love snuggling with my little girl!

Why is it so exciting to see your child put their thumb in their mouth? (I'm sure I'll eat my words in a year or two.)

This one's for you Tara. Such a cute outfit!!! I should have been putting her in it a week or two ago. She grows so fast I didn't even realize it would fit her.

I am in love with cute stuff on her bum!!!

I took Mckinley to visit Kristen at work and she fell asleep in her arms in less than a minute. She's such a trooper for letting me cart her around wherever I want to go.

Okay, I know this is overkill, but how can you pick just one???

The only time I stepped foot outside today was to go get the mail. Life is so sweet.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Bear Lake Trip #1

We spent 3 days and 3 nights at a cabin in Bear Lake this week for the extended Salmon Family reunion. It was a lot of fun. I didn't take too many pictures.

We actually only went to the lake one day. The rest of the time was spent playing games and relaxing. It was nice to be with Brandon all day every day.

At the lake. Thanks Jason and Shannon for joining us in our picture. Ha ha ha.

Mckinley slept for us the whole time we were there.

This was my first time ever to Bear Lake and now we're heading back again soon for a family reunion on my side.

And here are some pictures of Mckinley for my mom and dad.

Okay, this one looks a little creepy but Brandon was getting her to smile and she was looking over at him.

In her cute pink Sunday dress my friend Susan gave me.

These two were taken yesterday. She is starting to get some chubb on her!!

And one from today.

Friday, July 9, 2010

2 months

This little sweetheart is getting so big. She is so awesome.

Her 2 month birthday (& doctor visit) was on Wednesday. Here are her stats.
10 lbs 15 1/2 ounces - 55th percentile
23 inches long - 76th percentile
head 16 inches - 90th percentile
She must have one big brain. :)

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

4th of July

Wow, we have had a lot of early mornings lately. We woke up early on Monday to get ready and go to the parade. Mckinley pretty much slept through the whole thing. She is so freaking awesome. She slept for 9 hours the night before. Woke up and slept for another few hours and I had to wake her up to go to the parade. Sara, I started putting her to bed early and she is doing amazing. She slept 9 hours that night, and then 9 hours and 40 minutes last night, then goes right back down again for another few hours. I owe you big Sara!!

Anyway, here we are at the parade.

Our seats are so awesome. We are in the shade the whole time. I wore my jacket during the entire parade and didn't even get hot. The weather couldn't have been better.

Here's Brandon sitting down on the blanket with the kids. He is so good with kids, I love watching him play with them. Mckinley is the luckiest girl in the world to have him as her dad.

I always take pictures of the big balloons. They are my favorite.

We had to take a picture of the Provo Temple model since that is where we got married.

We had a relaxing afternoon at home and then later that day we went to a bbq at the Gordon's. They keep their pool pretty warm so we thought Mckinley might just let us take her swimming.

And she did! She wasn't laughing or smiling in there but hey, she wasn't crying either. It was so fun to have her in the pool. Love that face!

What is it that is so exciting about holding a baby in the water? It's not like she could even do anything. She did splash around with her hands for a while but I'm pretty sure she didn't even know she was doing it.

Ha ha, she looks very unamused.

She has started sucking on her fingers now which isn't just cute, but so helpful! When her binki falls out she just sticks her fingers in instead and keeps herself happy.

Any of you that know me really well know that I get really excited about getting the mail. Well, living in our townhomes we have the group little gray mailboxes. There are four big boxes with keys on them. If a package comes for you, the mailman (or in our case, mail woman) puts the package in a big box, and then puts the key to it in your box. So, as far as getting mail goes, there is nothing better than having a key in your box!!
Usually if there is a key in our box it's for something I am expecting, a package from Amazon, or something like that. Well, today there was a key in my mailbox and I had no idea what it could be. I opened it up and saw that there was a package from AUSTRALIA! Then I remembered that my best friend Gabby told me she was sending something for Mckinley and a letter. What could be better???
Anyway, now that you are comletely bored with my story of getting the mail, check out what Gabby sent! The most adorable little pink Nike shoes. If anyone reading this knows Gabby, they know that she wouldn't send anything else but Nike attire. Mom, Dad, Warnicks? Am I right? :) They are adorable.

And they match perfectly with her outfit today. Thank you so much Gabby! And congratulations on getting married! An email is coming your way....
Mckinley and I went on a walk on the river trail this morning with Shellee, Chandra, Haley, and Brynlee. It was so beautiful. I forgot to bring my camera. Being home every day is seriously the best and the time just flies by. There is still so much I want to do today!!! I love my life.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Some Summer Stuff

Today is the 4th of July. I can't believe how much stuff I have done this month (yes, in just 4 days).

On the 1st of July I met up with two of my college roommates and went to the little farm at Thanksgiving Point. It was so fun getting together again. Mckinley of course couldn't do anything there, but it was fun to watch Lisa and Laura's kids get so excited about everything.

Mckinley slept the entire time and ended up having about a 5 hour nap. Here she is stretching once I finally took her out of her car seat. I love love love watching her stretch. I guess I love watching her do anything though.

Friday, July 2nd we woke up super early and went to see the hot air balloons. I love doing this every year.

I loved the new coca cola balloon this year. Unfortunately the balloons didn't even take off that day because they said the wind was too strong up high.

After the balloons I went and met my new nephew, Bryce. He was just 3 days old. I love new babies.

It was pretty incredible to see how much Mckinley has grown. These guys are less than 2 months apart.

Later that night we went swimming at the Lindon pool. We didn't even attempt to get Mckinley in this time.

Brandon had fun trying to surf. We have some pretty awesome videos of him crashing. There is no way I would ever dare try this thing. I am so uncoordinated!

Saturday July 3rd my nephew Brecken got baptized.

Bryant and Summer had some amazing food there. My favorite was Summer's watermelon jello. It looked (and tasted) so good.

Later that night I went to the Stadium of Fire with my sister, Kristen. I had only been to the Stadium of Fire once before when I was like 13 and I always want to go every year. It did not disappoint! I had a blast.

Carrie Underwood was awesome live.

Our view of the fireworks was awesome and we were far enough away that we didn't have to deal with any smoke or ash. It was perfect.

Brandon and Mckinley had their first daddy daughter date while I was gone. He took her to the Freedom Festival booths in downtown Provo and then they watched the fireworks up by the Provo Temple.

Then today on the 4th of July, Mckinley was blessed. See below for that post. Tomorrow we are looking forward to another early morning with the parade. Man, summertime is the best. Don't worry Mom, you'll be home next summer and you can enjoy all of this stuff with us and your new grandkids!

Mckinley's Blessing

I have a lot to blog about, but real quick I wanted to add some pictures of Mckinley in her blessing dress today so my parents can see her.

Mckinley was pretty excited to be blessed on the 4th of July. Man, she is such a cutie. I got tons of pictures of her smiling before the blessing and after.

Aunt Kristen let her borrow this dress that she made back in college. It was beautiful. I told my 5-year old niece Ella in Church that Kristen made Mckinley's dress. Ella looked up at Kristen and said, "Was it too small for you? Is that why you gave it to her?" Kids are so adorable.

Mckinley has had lots of crying spells lately so we were really worried about how she would do during the blessing but of course she did great. I fed her before Church and she just stayed wide awake and was perfectly happy the whole time.

The blessing Brandon gave her was beautiful. I tried to record it but I don't know if you can hear him well enough.