Monday, April 29, 2019


We went and spent the last weekend in April at our home away from home in Hurricane. The weather was amazing. The kids had a fun time swimming. It was our first time there with the pool open. The pool is really cool and we will have a lot of fun there in the future, I'm sure.

Morning snuggles with Dad!

I almost didn't go on this trip because I am just so big pregnant, but I decided I should go and watch my kids enjoy, since the baby is coming soon and I don't know how long it will take us to get the courage to do something like this with 5 kids in tow.

The kids got to play on this big blow up unicorn someone had at the pool. The next day it popped. :)

They always love swimming with cousins!

Kallie was a little scared to swim at first and got over it quick and improved so much! I love seeing this kids be independent in the pool.

Ava is just the cutest ever.

Tyler keeps up with Mckinley in the pool now and is a little fish.

Love these kids soooo much!

The water slide got turned on while we were there which we were very happy about!

Night swimming is the best with no sunscreen needed! This trip kind of felt like a work trip as there are still quite a few kinks we are working out with the house, but hopefully in the future we will really be able to go and just enjoy! PS. 3 weeks 3 days till baby boy comes out! I can't wait!!!!


We decided to make these no bake easter nest cookies again this year. 

Come to find out they don't look very good with the peeps on them. The cookies didn't turn out and never really hardened so I was too embarrassed to bring them to anyone which means we got to eat all of them, ha ha. Yummy!

This is Ava concentrating on closing her eyes on purpose. Ha ha. So cute.

Girls got their dance costumes. Their concert is coming up in a few weeks! We are excited for it.

We love the days when it is nice enough to go outside. This spring hasn't had a lot of them, so we take advantage when we can.

Mckinley and Kallie telling Ava what to say during a prayer. So cute!

The kids with their school Easter stuff.

Easter was great as always. We had amazing weather the day before and did our two traditional egg hunts, the one with Brandon's parents' ward, and then the one at Brandon's parents' house.

That basket was so heavy but she didn't want any help!

She missed a lot of naps the week of Easter and ended up crashing like this.

The Easter bunny brought a very minimal amount of stuff to the kids this year. They already get so much elsewhere!

Breakfast in bed for my 37th birthday. Ugh, getting old is not fun. Especially when you're pregnant. We took all the kids with us to Texas Roadhouse for dinner on my birthday. It was a fun adventure!

Little miss cutey pants.

April Pics

I love this selfie of these three! Such cute smiles!

Enjoyed a fun day at the park during spring break with some neighbor friends.

Ava is getting so big!

Inside picnic on a rainy day during spring break.

We also went swimming at the Orem rec center for spring break and have some sweet slow mo videos of Tyler and Mckinley on the diving board, but no pictures.

My brother Todd and his son Jack came into town for conference weekend so we went to Airborne with them.

The kids had so much fun running around with Todd. Especially Tyler.

We always get together for food for the priesthood session. Ross randomly bought an ice cream cake to eat after. And this is just Ava being cute by the cake.

We are so lucky to have cinnamon rolls delivered to us Conference Sunday morning from a neighbor. So yummy!

K seriously Ava is the cutest thing ever.

The kids have been having a blast with this wagon we got for Christmas from Ross and Karen. It is awesome to have for soccer games.

Kallie rides a bike without training wheels now! She learned last year for a second and then got scared and wanted the training wheels back on. It didn't take her long at all this year to figure it out for good. Phew!

And this cutie decided to start learning to ride the scooter. It's so cute watching her! She rocks.

Ava has been wanting to hang out in swimming suits or dresses a lot lately. Sure, whatever you want.

The kids randomly one day decided to set up a date for me and Brandon. They made a menu, served us food, and had us dance. It was so cute!

Tyler has been loving soccer. This picture isn't great of him, but I just wanted to write about it. Lincoln and Megan came to watch him play and Lincoln told him if he scored a goal he would buy him a bag of candy, so score a goal he did! Then the next game he scored two goals in the same game, which is what he wanted to do. So fun watching him play! And he is soooo excited for his medal at the end of the season.

I love how Ava has her leg crossed just hanging out on the phone.