Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Park City

We spent this last weekend up in Park City. It's a little depressing now that it's over because I think that was our last trip for the year. I wasn't in the mood for taking pictures but here are a few.

The view from our resort. The leaves were so pretty.

The view inside the resort. Yeah, pretty much all we did was watch TV. We're boring.

Haley having fun at the outlets.

We did go to the hot tubs quite a few times. They had sweet hot tubs with waterfalls going from one to the other (you wouldn't believe how much entertainment that provided for the boys) and a nice big pool.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Time Flies...

When you're having FUN!

Weekends always go by too fast but this weekend was especially fun so it flew by.

Friday night we went to Lagoon for the Nu Skin summer party. Thanks Ross for the tickets! And thanks Bry (if you ever read this) for babysitting for me so I could go. We had so much fun.

Me and Bran in the line for Wicked - my favorite ride now that the magic carpet is gone. Although even if the magic carpet was still around, I think Wicked might have beat it.

The Fire Dragon (known by us old timers as the Colosus). This one always makes me sick. And I still go on it every time. I'm not sure why.

Brandon and Haley on the new Octopus ride.

This is how wet they got.

Saturday we were able to go to the BYU game and not only go to the game, but sit in the Loge. Tickets courtesy of Ross again...of course. Thanks Ross! It was so much fun to be up there.

We had a really good Sunday as well. I think the highlight was our picnic lunch out in our backyard. I absolutely love living here by both of our families. We always have so much fun! Our next adventure is Park City this weekend with Brandon's family. I'm so excited. And that's after tonight's softball game, YW tomorrow, Lincoln's soccer game on Wednesday, and an Office party on Thursday! Yeah, that's right. Check out the countdown up on the right. It's getting so close. I can hardly wait.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

What is an Aggie anyway?

Last Friday after work we drove up to Salt Lake to watch Chandra play soccer against the U of U. It was actually really exciting and ton of fun to watch her play real college soccer. She plays for the Utah State Aggies. And she's Brandon's little sister for those of you who don't know. I have to admit, I'm pretty impressed that as a freshman she not only starts, but plays the ENTIRE game. Way to go Chan!

You family members who couldn't make it, we sure missed you!

Waiting for the game to start...

Grandma and Haley waving to Chan.

Chandra's on the far left. If you blow it up, you might be able to see her pink shoe laces. So Chandra!

Chandra signing posters after the game.

And here's what happens when you give Haley your camera. :) Enjoy.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

A Labor-less Weekend

Okay, so we had a really fun weekend, but unlike me, I didn't do a very good job at taking pictures. Thursday night my whole family did sealings in the temple, which was of course awesome. Friday night we watched a movie out in my parents' backyard and then slept over. I had a lot of fun.
Here is Baby Ocean sitting all by himself. How cute!

Saturday we went swimming at Scera Pool and had a picnic in the park and somehow the only picture I have from this event is this one of me and Bran wearing our BYU shirts in honor of the first game...which I didn't even end up watching.

On Sunday we spent a lot of time with Brandon's family, and I got a good nap in, so it was a good day.

Monday was the long awaited holiday and boy, did I enjoy it! I slept in till like 10, Brandon woke me up to go over to his parents' house for Karen's amazing home made waffles and buttermilk syrup, which were so good. Then I went to my parents house to spend some more time with Todd and the rest of my family. It rained so hard all day so we just stayed inside but it was still a lot of fun. Monday night Jason, Shannon, Haley, Dallin, and Shellee came over to watch the UCLA vs. Tennessee game on TV. But before the game started, Jason said we had to do a taste test with the new Mountain Dew drinks. Check out Haley drinking with closed eyes. Ha! She was so cute.

We also did a little taste test with Frooties! These candies are so yummy...

And now it's back to the grind. But that's not such a bad thing. I like being on a schedule.