Monday, November 19, 2007

Family Pictures

So we got family pictures taken a couple weeks ago and thought we'd let you all have a look at them. Other than that, I got absolutely nothing else to say right now other than that we're excited for Thanksgiving this week!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I've been tagged...twice

Okay, my excuse for not posting lately is that I've been really busy at work. I really have. And I love it. It makes the time go by so much faster. My sister-in-law Emily tagged me awhile ago and I kind of ignored it and then my friend Jen tagged me too so now I guess I'm supposed to write some random things about myself. I don't know if I'll have six, but anyway...I'll just get started.

1. One of Brandon's favorite things to do is to scare me. He always runs ahead of me and waits around the corner or at the bottom of the stairs or something to scare me. And he gets me every time. :) He loves it and I guess I love it too. (What choice do I have really?) Anyway, sometimes he puts pillows under the covers on our bed to make me think it's him. Usually I can tell it's pillows but I'm still scared because I don't know where he's hiding. So here is a picture of one of his best scams ever. Yes, I realize it's totally obvious in the picture that these are just pillows under the covers but it was dark when I walked in the room so I thought it was him. I thought oh, that's cute, he's all the way under the covers. So I actually went to the foot of the bed and I was going to lift up the covers to rub his feet. Well, right at that moment when I lifted up the covers, he jumped out from the side of the bed and totally scared the crap out of me. I gotta give it to him, he's good.

2. Unlike many other people I know, I babysit 23 grown men for a living. Well, that's what it feels like anyway. And as babysitting goes, no matter how much they pay you, sometimes it's never worth it. But for the most part I enjoy my job. I have to admit it is the most flexible job in the world and I'm really lucky to have it. I don't even have to tell anyone when I take a day off. I just leave. It's pretty sweet. I also go in and leave whenever I want and take as long as I want on my lunch breaks. Oh, in case some of you really don't know, I work for the radiologists at the hospital.

3. I love cleaning. I know it sounds retarded but I really think it's fun. Brandon has come to associate me cleaning the house with me being angry. I really do clean my house to vent. But I also clean it when I'm in a good mood, so you really can never tell. Sometimes I let it get really dirty just so I actually have something to clean up. And no, I won't come over to your house and clean for you. :) I know that's what you're all thinking.

4. I love vacations. Even quick weekend trips to the cabin. I realized that in just a year and a half of marriage, me and Brandon really have been quite a few places together. We've been to St. George, Las Vegas, a cruise to Mexico, Disneyland, the cabin quite a few times, Bryce Canyon, and we've both been on separate trips to California. Next summer we are going to Moab and hopefully Hawaii with Lincoln. He won the State Championship for soccer and they have Regionals in Hawaii in June. We're really hoping we get to go with him! Here are some pictures of the big win.

5. Me and Brandon play Yahtzee all the time together and a couple weeks ago I reached my alltime high score of 753! Ask Brandon if you don't believe me. I think I got 4 yahtzees. It was awesome.
Yeah, I don't think I'm going to go on to a number 6. I'm honestly not a huge fan of the tagging thing and for that reason, I'm not going to tag anyone else. But if you're someone who has been waiting to be tagged and would really like to write some random things about yourself on your blog, go ahead and say I tagged you. No one will ever know the difference.