Thursday, November 27, 2014


Thanksgiving was pretty low key this year and we loved it. My parents went to Seattle to spend Thanksgiving with my brother. We got together with Brandon's family on Wednesday night for soup.

Then on Thursday we had Thanksgiving dinner with Brandon's parents and two of his siblings. Such a small group. We all fit around the dinner table. Tyler and Kallie napped while we ate which was perfect.

Mckinley wanted to have a tea party as soon as we were done eating.

Tyler and Kallie had cereal. :)

I absolutely love this time of year. I am so excited for Christmas I can hardly stand it. Our kids are at such fun ages! It's going to be the best!!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

November Pics

Tyler feeding cereal to his skeleton the morning after Halloween.

Of course Kallie had to follow suit...

Mckinley is such an amazing artist. All she does is draw all day. And I love it.

This was after a nap where I couldn't get into Kallie's room because she had fallen asleep RIGHT against the door. And when I finally did peek through I thought her face looked weird. She covered herself in marker.

Mckinley loves to embellish her clothes. Everything is attached by tape. We go through tape like we go through milk.

We find Kallie in lots of different places in her bedroom.

Tyler and Kallie love to get out of bed and read books together by the door.

Kallie insisted that I put Tyler's pajamas on her over her clothes one day. Tyler threw a fit like you wouldn't believe.

This also describes Mckinley very well. She is always gathering "collections." She picked a bunch of flowers from the yard and put them all in cups and bowls of water.

Tyler and Maverik are the best of friends. I absolutely love watching them play together.

All ready to head out in a small little snow storm we had.

No caption needed!

I'm glad they got to go out and play in it because it didn't last long. They are all so excited for there to be enough snow for us to build a snowman.

Our thankful tree didn't last more than a few hours.

Brandon and I got to go to a freezing cold football game on a Saturday. We had a blast.

Love this!

This is how we all feel about 1:30 church. Mckinley falls asleep in sacrament meeting or primary every now and then. She doesn't even take naps. But Sundays are brutal. For all of us.

After Kallie handed me about 200 of these, I chopped her hair so we could leave it down and it wouldn't be in her eyes.

Mckinley all dressed up as Elsa singing Let it Go.

Tyler in one of the most uncomfortable sleeping positions ever.

We love our Macey's ice cream trips.

We got to go to the Bean Museum for Maverik's birthday.

We had so much fun watching a Jazz game from the NuSkin suite.

 Mckinley is definitely my daughter!

Tyler found his pockets and he was pretty happy about it. Side note: he picks out his own clothes.

These guys are so funny!