Thursday, March 27, 2014

Can't Resist

Here are some pictures I just can't resist posting.
Kallie, my one and only salad eater.
She climbed up there all by herself.
Tyler did this all himself.
Kallie in daddy's boots. These are such classic pictures.
Kristen watched Kallie for me for an entire day on Monday to split up the twins. Sadly, Tyler was so happy the entire day and seemed o really enjoy not having competition.
Looking out the window waiting for Dad to come home from work. He was saying "daddy, daddy" over and over. We were playing dress ups in the hand me downs we have that are still too big for him. This kid is one handsome boy.


Spring has got to be my favorite time of year. You just appreciate those warm days so much more since you've just been through a long winter of being stuck inside.
Here are some pictures of the kids enjoying the nice weather and fun toys outside at my mom's house.
Tyler and Kallie totally just climb their way up to the tallest slide and go down all on their own. I was completely shocked at this since just last summer we had to trick Mckinley into going down on her own. And it is still hit or miss with her whether she's scared or not. But Tyler and Kallie have no fear. I am so much more excited to go to the park this summer now knowing how independent they are.


My whole life I have spent every summer going up to Fairvew canyon to the cabin my grandpa built like 45 years ago. It was tiny and very primitive but we loved it. When my grandma died a few years ago the cabin was split between my mom and two of her siblings. It was getting really hard to maintain it and my mom was doing most of the repairs so she decided to sell her portion and she bought a time share into another cabin that is in the same canyon.
My good friends growing up also have a time share in this cabin so I had actually been there once as a teenager. Anyway, we took our first trip into the cabin as a family a few weeks ago. We had a blast!!!
Here is the cabin from far away. Looks tiny but it is much bigger than our old one.
We were going to snow shoe in for about a mile and a half but the weather was so great and the snow was already packed down so we just hiked in.
Amy and her fiancé Adam who we had never met before flew in from Arizona so they were able to join us on the trip.
Sadly, Brandon decided not to come last minute. We had a babysitter lined up for the kids and everything. He still has yet to spend a night away from the twins. I was a loner but I still had a really good time.
We spent a lot of time inside playing games and we also had a lot of fun outside sledding down the hill right out the back of the cabin. I am so excited to be able to go stay at the cabin multiple times every year. It was such a nice weekend away.

Monday, March 10, 2014


Having twins has been such an incredible journey. There have definitely been ups and downs, but I can always remind myself how amazing this is and how lucky we are to have them.
Tyler and Kallie really do pretty much do everything together. They fight a lot, but they are always following each other around the house, basically doing the same thing.
They love to play in the bathtub in my bathroom and have now figured out how to climb into it by themselves. They have yet to turn the water on while they are in there fully clothed, but I know it is bound to happen.
Kallie has been loving the sticker book Mckinley got for Christmas. She pulls the stickers off and puts them on her face and on Tyler's face and everywhere else in the house.
Tonight these two were playing side by side with the toy kitchen downstairs in the playroom. Tyler was running a car all around the kitchen sink and stove, and Kallie was working on putting a toy carrot in the oven. Ha ha ha, I love it!
Having two kids the same age is not easy. Always two diapers to change, two sets of teeth to brush, two babies to get up in their high chairs, feed them, and then two babies to clean up (I really dislike feeding my children). But then when you get two of them laughing together, or playing peek-a-boo together, or chasing each other around the house, you remember that twins are special and amazing and awesome. I hope they will always be there for each other growing up. I am so glad that they will have no memories of when they were this little and their mom was going crazy just trying to keep them alive and happy every day. I'm not gonna lie, it hasn't been pretty, but I am proud of myself for surviving this long, and I feel like things are just going to get better the older they get. They have the best big sister in the entire world and I am so lucky to be their mom.


Last week my brother and his wife went to Hawaii for a week. I ended up taking my kids over to their house three different days that week to hang out with my mom or Kristen, who were babysitting. It seriously felt like a vacation! It was so fun to leave my house behind and just go somewhere else for the entire day.
We had some good weather and the kids had a blast playing outside in the yard. How I wish I had a fun, fenced-in yard for my kids to play in.

Hair Cuts

Mckinley's hair grows soooo fast! And is so thick. She totally has more hair than I do right now. Sad, but true. We got it cut about 6 months ago I think, and I just decided it would be fun to cut it again. Her hair is so wild that I don't really ever do it down so it's pointless to have it super long.
Her before shots:
I straightened it and I can't believe how long it looks!
Ha ha, love this sassy face.
She totally loves her new haircut and can't stop talking about it! It's the cutest thing ever. That evening looking in the mirror she put her hands on the bottom of her hair and sort of cupped it and said look, my hair just comes to here, it doesn't go on my shoulders anymore.
Then the next morning when she woke up she said Hi Kallie! Do you like my new hair?
I decided to have Kallie's cut as well, just to even things up a bit.
It's not super noticeable but it is shorter in the back and looks thicker now. I think it will grow in really nicely thanks to this hair cut.


I am amazed at the difference between boys and girls, even when they are just babies. Tyler is totally rough and loves to play with cars, balls, trains, all things boy-ish. He loves to tackle people and is just a crazy little boy. Who we totally adore.

Kallie loves purses and shoes and headbands and crowns and dolls and strollers and all things girly. She is always putting Mckinley's shoes on, even the dress up high heels.

I love how she holds her hands in the air when she is carrying a purse.

So when I took this picture I all of a sudden remembered that I had a picture just like it of Mckinley around the same age. First one is Kallie, second one is Mckinley.

Caves and Sleepy Babies

Mckinley is still obsessed with caves from back during her Croods streak. But now if she asks for a cave, all it means is to bring her mattress out to the family room so the kids can play on it. She sleeps out there almost every Friday night. All three of the kids have a blast jumping around on the mattress. Tyler and Mckinley love to jump off the couch on to it.
It's also super fun to sit and eat food on it. 
And speaking of sitting and eating food, I had to post this picture. The three of them decided to sit down next to each other and enjoy a banana. I sure do love these three kids.
Mckinley crashed on the couch today around 4:30 or 5. I hate when she does this. She does so much better going to bed at night if she doesn't have a nap. Sometimes I can catch her falling asleep and I will yell and say Mckinley! Wake up! Sit up straight. And I can prevent the nap. Other times I don't notice that she fell asleep (like today because I was making dinner) and then she was seriously dead to the world and there was nothing we could do to wake her up. Tyler was putting his finger in her mouth and pulling her lip down and Kallie was yanking her eye open with her eyelashes and still nothing. So she took a super late nap and was totally cranky and crazy for a while when she woke up.
 And just because it's been a while since I have posted a picture of the twins they are. I just love to see what positions they will be in when I go to check on them. The last couple of nights they have basically been in the same position even though they are in separate cribs in separate rooms. But not tonight. Tonight they were in positions that are totally typical of their personalities. Kallie will NOT sleep with a pillow and throws it out of the crib if we put it in there. Tyler likes is and is often found with his whole body on top of it.