Tuesday, July 31, 2012

July Pictures

Oh my gosh, I can't believe tomorrow is August. If it's August, that means we are having twins next month! Crazy! I'm so excited to hold them.

Here I am today at 30 weeks. (I know, I'm huge, but remember, there are TWO in there.)

And now just some random pictures from July.

I found Mckinley sleeping like this one day during her nap. She pulled the sheet up over her face. So cute!!!

We've been to the park a few times to see the ducks. We've seen lots of baby ducks this year. It never gets old for me, I love it!

I don't know if I ever mentioned on here that I was finally able to go to my cabin for the first time in three years. The only picture I took was this one. Kristen at 20 weeks and me at 28. She won't take her own belly shots so I have to take them for her. :)

Brandon and Mckinley stayed home and went to the Spanish Fork rodeo without me. I was sad to miss it.

Brandon is seriously the best dad in the entire world. He was so excited to have Mckinley all to himself and even did her hair in PIGTAILS by himself. Is that not impressive or what?????

This is a picture of Mckinley playing dress ups at Grandma's house.  

July was a really fun month. We did so many fun things. My only plans for August are to keep the babies in my belly!!! I'm super excited to meet them, but I want it to be in September.

Monday, July 16, 2012

BEST Surprise Ever!!

So, Brandon came home with a pretty awesome surprise today.

A car!!!

Oh, you should have seen my reaction. This guy can keep a secret...for a long time.

I'll try to keep the story short. We have been shopping for a van for a while now to accommodate our growing family (wahoo for twins, can't tell you how excited I am!). We looked at a few different vans, test drove some, and talked about it a lot. Brandon knew which one was my top choice and today he did the coolest thing ever and went and bought it for us!

He came home from work and we ate some food, did dishes, whatever. He was trying to get me in the garage to see the new car but of course I am dense and wasn't picking up on any of his hints. Finally he said he was going to go work out in the yard and asked if I wanted to come. We went out front and I was going to do a little weeding (I should have picked up on this because usually he tells me I'm not allowed to do anything out there because he doesn't want me to go into labor). So we go out there and I decided I needed some gloves so I went and opened the garage and as it slowly opens, I see that there is a different car parked in there and it totally took me a minute to realize why there would be a different car and what car it was. It was the van I wanted! I pretty much freaked out and couldn't stop hugging him and almost cried. I wanted to jump up on him but I have a rather large belly that didn't allow it.

(This is what I saw when I opened the garage.)

So anyway, yay, a HUGE item off our to do list, DONE! I am so happy. And yay, we don't have to share a car anymore. He sold our Camry about two and a half weeks ago and it really wasn't bad at all sharing a car for a bit but this will just be so nice and not that we want our twins to come yet, but we are ready for them now. Wahoo!

That really was the short version of the story by the way. Made for a VERY happy evening.

And speaking of the twins, I realized today I am just about as big as I was when I delivered Mckinley at 41 weeks and I still have 10 weeks (hopefully) to go. Yikes!!! This could get scary...

Thursday, July 12, 2012

I need to get married

Last Saturday we decided to take a fun little trip and go have a picnic at the temple. We didn't even realize it was closed but it ended up being awesome because we could sit by the fountains in our shorts and flip flops and not feel stupid.

Right when we got there Mckinley started talking about getting married (she's seen our wedding video like a hundred times) and I said yeah, Mom and Dad got married here. And then she said "I need to get married." Yes you do Mckinley, but not for like another 20+ years. :) 

We went to Yogurt Land after for ice cream. It was a really fun night.

I could go on forever and ever about how amazing Brandon is. He gets up with Mckinley every single morning and makes breakfast. (I get it served to me in bed like once or twice a week. It's awesome.) He even made pancakes the other day when he couldn't find the recipe, he just tried to remember it.

The two of them making pancakes. 

One of the best things about making pancakes is getting to eat the leftover ones the next morning without having to make them again. Mckinley has some awesome bed head every morning (and after every nap) that I have been throwing up in the cutest ponytail ever.

Tell me this girl does not look SO grown up.

Have I written on here how obsessed she is with How to Train Your Dragon? It was playing at RC Willey the other day when we were there and she was HOOKED. 

27 weeks. Mckinley joined me for my belly shot this week. I am feeling pretty darn big these days but at the same time I find it incredible that there are two babies in there measuring 14 1/2 inches long and weighing in at 2 lbs 5 oz (boy) and 2 lbs 4 oz (girl) - according to yesterday's ultrasound. That sounds so big and I don't know how they fit in there! But big babies are what we want so if it means one huge stomach with lots of stretch marks, I'll take it. I feel (and see) them move all the time and I absolutely love it. Pregnancy is so incredible.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

4th of July

We had a great 4th of July this year. We woke up early and went down to the parade. We got our usual awesome seats in the shade and had a good time. Poor Mckinley has been sick this week with a cold but we still got some smiles out of her.

She was excited to see the panda. She doesn't know him from Kung Fu Panda, but she knows pandas from her baby einstein movies so it was still really cool to her.

She was way excited to see the princesses at the parade and she went up to Rapunzel and said "I like your purple dress." She loves dresses and loves to tell people she loves their dress. Especially my Grandma Bishop who is always in a dress. :)

Family shot. She looks so sick...poor thing.

For lunch we went over to my sister's house for a BBQ/gender reveal party. They made us wait forever and a half to start, then we had to eat first, and then they finally cut the cake. It was going to be either pink or blue inside.

They both wanted a boy and are SO excited!

Kristen trying to have a belly at 18 weeks and me with my massive twin belly at 26 weeks. I still can't believe we are lucky enough to be pregnant together.

Later that night we had a BBQ with Brandon's family and did some awesome fireworks outside their house. We had a great time. We didn't stay up to watch the Stadium of Fire fireworks, we just went home and went to bed.

Mckinley had fun throwing and stepping on snaps but didn't want to hold a sparkler. Maybe next year... She did like the fireworks though and wasn't scared of them.

Check out this awesome sleeping position today during her nap. I don't check on her very much while she's sleeping but Brandon can't keep himself away. She napped really late today so she was still asleep when he got home and I'm glad he went in there to get such a sweet picture. I had no idea she moved around so much in her bed.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Golfing and stuff

I got the pictures from Brandon's phone uploaded so I thought I would blog about some of this stuff.

Another one of my favorite traditions is when we go to Cascade golf for the Freedom Festival BBQ/Family night golf. We do it every year and it's always hot but so much fun.

This year we were lucky enough to get tickets to the Freedom Festival Gala dinner. Mckinley got to come with us and she was so excited to wear a pretty dress. She did really well, even when the program went super super long. We didn't get home till 10:30 p.m.

The food was amazing.

Mckinley totally curled up on Brandon's chest and went to sleep. So awesome!!

One day we let Mckinley watch How to Train Your Dragon (her VERY favorite movie) on Jason's computer at work while Brandon and I got some things done at the office. Now every time we go see Brandon at his office she says she wants to watch Dragons on Jason's "puter."

Moving in to a new house has sent us on a couple trips to Home Depot. Mckinley had a blast this last time riding in the big cart.

I feel like I need to write some of the random cute things Mckinley does or says but then when I sit down to write them, I have a hard time thinking of them.

She is the best little 2 year old anyone could ask for. She is extremely obedient. We have such a blast doing everything with her. She is absolutely obsessed with her Dragons movie and wants to watch it every day. She knows the main characters names (Hiccup, Astrid, and Toothless). She is also obsessed with chewing gum. She is really good at it and doesn't swallow it anymore. She always spits it out if we offer her anything to eat, even when we forget she had gum in her mouth. She is not really getting the potty training thing. I don't think she realizes when she pees, whether she's wearing a diaper, sitting on the potty, wearing underwear, or buck naked. She will pee and I don't think she even knows she did it. So this may take a while...

She says efelant for elephant. She knows all her alphabet letters, most of her numbers, all shapes, colors, and tons of animals. She loves swimming even though we don't hardly ever go. We put her swimming suit on her tonight and let her take a bath in our big tub and she thought she went swimming. She knows the difference between boys and girls, she knows her mom and dad's names, and Brandon's parents' first names.

She is so good at sleeping in her big bed and doesn't get out, even when she wakes up. She just waits for us to come get her. She can put her own shoes on and gets them on the right feet every time. She loves to yell cheese when you take her picture but often doesn't hold the smile long enough to catch it on camera. She is obsessed with her cousins and wants to see them every day. She loves dresses and loves twirling around in them and dancing. She runs everywhere she goes. She wants to eat a peanut butter and jam sandwich every day. She says samooch for sandwich and her lips get all puckered up for the "ch" at the end of the word.

Okay, I doubt anyone besides Brandon even read all of that. I could go on, but I'll stop for now. We just love her to death and are so excited to have two more babies to love in just a few months!

Hot Air Balloons

Waking up to see the hot air balloons is by far my favorite thing about the 4th of July. We got up bright and early this morning to go. I can't believe this is Mckinley's third year in a row.

Still a little tired... 

I think the pig was her favorite. It's the one she talked about most after anyway.

I love watching her watch the balloons go up.

This year was by far the most exciting. First of all, my neice Haley got to ride up in a balloon with Brandon's dad. I totally want to do that some day!

The other part that made it awesome was just the amazing weather. A lot of the balloons made it back to the field to participate in the competition. Usually none of them or maybe just one or two make it back. But it was a lot more exciting this year and just really fun to watch.