Wednesday, February 24, 2016


Oops. I forgot to blog forever. Time to catch up.

Tyler and Kallie having fun in the tub.

These guys are always up to something while I shower and get ready. They moved all the chairs and made a pathway with them.

I love when all the kids are playing well together!

Kallie was so excited to surprise me that she had cleaned up the toy room.

And then I found this stash of toys behind the closet door. Ha ha ha.

Then she cleaned her bedroom. And I knew the stuff must be somewhere.

Found it in the bathroom. Ha! Baby steps.

That one afternoon I was a super nice mom and let the kids paint.

Mckinley begged us forever to cut her hair short. I'm including this picture because if you zoom in on it you can see her long ponytail. This is the best I've got for a before shot.

Cut it short! And she loves it!!!

Tyler and Kallie play so well together and I love it so much! They are always together and they still fight a lot but not near as much as they used to. Life is getting pretty easy these days, I gotta admit.

Oh and this happened. We did IVF in January and found out right after our cruise that it worked and I am pregnant!

Some more shenanigans while mom showers.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Day 3: Ensenada

On Monday we had absolutely gorgeous weather again. We got off the boat in Ensenada and walked to their little downtown and shopped for the kids.

And that was about it. Got back on the boat and enjoyed some golf, even though their "course" was not a course at all. We still made our own fun.

We had dinner at the restaurant every night except the formal night. We ordered so many drinks it wasn't even funny. It was so awesome to try so many new things and to just relax and spend time chatting with Jordan and Annie. They were such a good fit for us. We just loved it.

Then it was back home to reality and extra ornery kids who seem to be punishing us for leaving them, even though it sounds like they had a great time while we were gone. The weather at home is absolutely awful, with a horrible inversion and bad air quality and lots of fog and smog and just yuck. It was so nice to step out of it and enjoy amazing weather and company and a break from life!

Day 2: Day at Sea

Sunday was a day at sea, and the super bowl. People reserved pool chairs by the outdoor theater like 6 hours early! We got a table and kind of hung out there on and off all day watching movies and playing games and of course eating.

We watched two Filipino guys carve some fruits and vegetables.

Our stateroom attendant was Filipino of course and he was actually from Bacolod and spoke Ilonggo! So I got to use my Ilonggo and it was so fun.

I don't have a lot of pictures from this day because I spent like 4 hours in the room just relaxing and napping while the super bowl was going on. It was wonderful! When I headed back up to the pool I ran into Kristen's old college roommate (that I was really good friends with), Erika. She and her husband were on the same cruise! Such a small world!

Day 1: San Diego

Our first stop was San Diego. We enjoyed a huge breakfast on the ship first, and then got off to explore.

We ended up taking a shuttle just a few minutes away to some shops. We had fun looking around and just enjoying the incredible weather and looking at the ocean.

Another huge navy ship. This one was retired and turned into a museum.

We didn't stay off the boat long, maybe a couple of hours. We were going to rent bikes and ride around but didn't end up doing it. We just got back on the boat and enjoyed more good food and lounging by the pool. Such a great day!


So, a long time ago, like 9 years this month, Brandon and I went on a cruise. We have talked about going on another one ever since and finally made it happen. We were so happy that Jordan and Annie decided to join us. It was a last minute trip for all of us, and so much fun!

Brandon shoveled snow off our driveway that morning, and then we hopped on a plane and arrived in sunny California and I was desperate to get shorts and flip flops on.

I brought along with me the biggest cold sore of my life, and a pretty bad bladder infection, so those were my downers for the trip, but luckily after the first day my antibiotics finally kicked in and I was able to enjoy myself.

I didn't get seasick at all which was so nice!

Brandon thought this huge navy ship was pretty cool. And it was.

We got our swimsuits on and headed to the hot tub. We had such a great time eating good food and relaxing.

The sun was setting as we took off from L.A.

Dinner in the restaurant. It was pretty busy and I think it took us like 2 hours to eat. Which is normally annoying but when you don't have kids to worry about or anywhere to be, it really doesn't matter.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Brandon's phone

Brandon had tons of good pictures on his phone that I couldn't resist posting.

The bottle is as big as her!

Cute kids all ready for church.

Tyler and Kallie are so huge but sometimes still want to be snuggled at the same time.

Kallie the hoarder.

Jamba juice family date night.

All ready for church again.

This picture melts my heart!


Kallie was being so crazy at Costco and swinging her head back and forth. It was hilarious. She has the most gorgeous flowy hair.

Tyler loving on his cousin Kayler.

Provo Temple.

A picture of us because I never post them.

Tyler after he threw up on his clothes from gagging himself because we made him taste one bite of turkey.

The bald eagle that has been hanging out on the golf course behind our house!!

Eating his kill.

Kallie trying out a selfie stick.

Tyler behind the selfie stick.

The kids touching a snake at the Bean Museum.

Kallie was too scared to touch it.

Look how grown up she is!

Mckinley helping Brandon bring me breakfast in bed. They are the best!!!