Thursday, August 29, 2019


Tyler's other top tooth didn't stand a chance after the first one came out. Brandon pulled the second one out the very next day. I love his toothless smile!

Cute twins with twinner missing teeth.

Twinner sisters on the second day of school.

Not quite big enough for this, but close!

So the kids are in school all day and Ava, Jackson, and I are just living it up!

One day I took them to the mall and we got some shopping done and had a picnic lunch out by the fountains.

Jackson smiles all the time now and it's so fun!

We lucked out this year and got to go to the Nu Skin summer party at Lagoon. We hadn't been since 2014. Mckinley didn't really even remember the last time she went and it was everyone else's first time. We got my mom to babysit Jackson which was super nice of her because it was long and very late. We probably could have brought him with us but of course it was easier to have her watch him.

Right when we got there we went straight to Cannibal. Brandon and I had never seen this ride before. It looked pretty insane but there was no line at all so we ran and went. Tyler was barely tall enough for it. Mckinley came too and was totally freaking out but man it was awesome. Crazy, but awesome. Tyler and Mckinley and Brandon went on it again with Karen.

Next was this ride that I made Ava come on with me. She was screaming and hated it and it make me so sick. I was sick the rest of the night from this dumb ride. Ha ha ha.

We had dinner there and then hit up the kiddie section for Ava.

Well, on the way to the kiddie section we rode this Octopus ride. I thought she would love it but she was hating it.

Finally we made it to the boats and from there on out Ava was in heaven and seriously bouncing and skipping around after each ride. She was so adorable. It was so much fun to watch her.

Kallie was too scared for any big rides. We did take her on the Tidal Wave but after that she just stayed with Ava on the baby rides while Brandon, Tyler, and Mckinley rode Wicked and whatever else.

Oh my gosh we had such a good time. This was Ava just being silly. She was so hyper and happy.

Soccer has started again! I love watching Tyler play. I missed the goal he scored in his first game. He scored two goals in his second game. Well one of them was when a kid kicked the ball at Tyler and it bounced off of him and into the goal, ha ha. Gotta love it. But he runs hard and plays hard.

Jackson loves to sleep on his side with his face snuggled in a soft blanket. It's really cute.

Living it up over on the neighbor's playground.

Ava wearing the American Girl Doll glasses. Ha ha.

Another day we went to the splash pad with my sister. This was the first time Ava had really played at the splash pad. She went down the big slide a bunch and was just running around with Kayler and Rayne. It was so cute to watch!

Then they sat with us in the shade forever so I got her dressed and of course after that she went and got soaked again in her regular clothes. Oh, to be a kid again.

I had to try the American Girl Doll glasses on Jackson too. Bahaha!!

Me and Kris at the splash pad. Life is good!!!!

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Summer is Officially Over

And just like that, summer is over. I had absolutely zero expectations for this summer with having a new baby, but I am completely surprised by how much fun we were able to have and how many things we were able to do. Starting off the summer with summer school was amazing and made our summer not so long. We swam more this summer than any other before, which is crazy considering we have a new baby. We did so many fun things and I wasn't dying for summer to end. We were all of course excited for school to start, but really, I just couldn't have asked for a better summer.

These kids sure love their brother!

Cutest little shark ever!

These guys made their own umbrellas to put in their smoothies.

We had a really fun day at the Bean Museum with Mckinley's friend Ellie and her family.

Mckinley got to go swimming one last time at Alice's birthday party. She had a blast.

Sleepover in Mom and Dad's room that included Ava!!

Jackson looking so big in his bumbo.

Ava "cleaned up" which meant she dragged every possible thing she could find and arranged it on the mattress.

Back to school night was last Friday. Mrs. Heaps was so excited to have Tyler and Kallie come to her class. They are going to love this year, I just know it!

We got to go bowling with the Salmon's on Saturday for Ross's birthday. The kids had a great time with their cousins.

Brynlee gave all her turns to Ava and all the cousins would gather around to watch Ava bowl. She is everyone's favorite!

On Sunday, August 18, Jackson was finally blessed at 3 months old! I was so stressed about his blessing day, well just about the food. I was having serious anxiety attacks, had a constant stomach ache for 2 days prior, and got a cold sore from all the stressing. And then of course the day of the blessing everything worked out perfectly and I completely enjoyed it. I need to figure out how to stop stressing about these events!

Jackson was wide awake for his blessing and didn't make a peep. He was so perfect. It really was a wonderful day.

Ken and his family made a surprise visit and it was so fun to see them for the first time in 5 years and to be able to meet each other's kids!

We started off the summer with a trip to Maverik for slurpees, and ended it the same way. I love how much fun these kids have in the simplest of activities. I am so lucky to be their mom and seriously just enjoyed this summer so much! Even amidst all my crazy postpartum hormones.

Tyler's friend Alex comes over to play with him nearly every day. They were in the same kindergarten class and they are together again this year. I love the Sevilla family!

Brandon moved the chairs so I could mop and the kids turned it into a pretend car. They love having fun and play so well together! With some fighting mixed in of course.

Mckinley reads stories to the others at bedtime. She is the best big sister ever!

Brandon has tried over and over and over to get Tyler's loose tooth out and they surprised me last night, the night before school started, with pulling out his tooth! Hooray!

And here we are today, August 20th, the first day of school. It may as well be Christmas for how excited the kids were! I love everything about our school and feel so grateful it is so close. I love that my kids love school.

I snuck over to the school at lunch time to see the kids and they were all so happy and having a great time! It will be so nice to have 6 hours a day at home with Ava and Jackson to get things done and have some peace and quiet, but man, I really do love all of my kids so much and just feel so grateful right now.