Monday, October 29, 2007

October Fun!

We have done a few fun things lately in celebration of Halloween. We had a ward Halloween party last week on Wednesday. We're on the activities committee for our ward so we don't get to enjoy the parties quite as much as all the guests, but we still had a good time. Brandon signed up to be in the chili cook-off and his chili was the best out of all of them if you ask me.

Costumes were allowed but since we didn't have anything, we just went without. At the very last minute I remembered that I had butterfly wings from Ricks. (Emily, Kristi, and Lisa, that should bring back good memories.) So I ran home and put them on. At least it was better than nothing.

A couple days after the Halloween party we had a pumpkin carving party that Shannon planned. It was so much fun! We all brought Halloween desserts. Me and Bran had to crouch down so Haley could take a picture of our pudding graveyard dessert.

We had dinner together and then carved pumpkins. Here are some pictures of the pumpkin carving experience.

Brandon's skeleton pirate.

Steph's pumpkin.

One last thing we did that was really fun was play the Nintendo Wii. It was my first time playing. We hung out with my cousin Julie and her husband Steve on Saturday and me and Brandon did some virtual bowling, tennis, baseball, and other games. It was tons of fun!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Cabin Trip and Rocket Launchers

Brandon thinks I post on here too often but I think it's time for an update. We've done quite a few things since the last time we posted. Of course, we'll only talk about the ones that we have pictures of because probably half of you only look at the pictures anyway. So a couple weekends ago we took one last trip up to the cabin before we closed it up for the winter. It was just me and Bran, Bryant and his boys, and my mom and my grandma. We had a lot of fun. It was a little chilly but we still got out and went for a ride on the 4 wheeler. Brecken and Kai were so much fun to play with. They wanted me to wrap them up like babies and hold them. I think they're a little excited that their mommy is finally going to have another baby!

Here's one picture I got of the leaves on the way back down the canyon. It looked much better in real life.

The Monday after we got back from the cabin we went over to Bryant's house for FHE so the boys could use our rocket launcher. Brecken loved it and said, "This is so awesome. I want to do this all day long." Here's a picture of him loading it up.

Kai didn't enjoy it as much at first. The air compressor was a little too loud for him. He warmed up to it later but check out this awesome picture of him in the beginning. :)

Friday, October 12, 2007

Saving Lives...

So Brandon donated blood for the first time on Wednesday. We decided to go in to Mountainstar Blood Services and help Shellee out with her competition this month by donating blood. Brandon was a little nervous but he did great! :) He wasn't too excited about me taking his picture but he forced a smile for the second one.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Family Home Evening

Last night for Family Home Evening Brandon and I went to the Bean Museum at BYU. Talk about being sheltered, I didn't even know it existed! I always heard people talk about the Bean Museum but I found out last night I had never been there. I've been to the Museum of Art at BYU and seen some cool displays there and that's where I thought we were going but it turns out I was wrong. And I loved the Bean Museum! There are so many animals there, it's insane! And you can't beat free admission either.

I can't believe how huge this bear is!!

While we were there this guy was doing a presentation on reptiles. It was pretty cool. He had a big giant lizard and two huge boa constrictors that he was holding. Check out the snake skin on the floor!

Okay, so I thought this was awesome. A massive butterfly made up of other butterflies. This thing was huge. The second picture helps you see the detail.