Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Hello October

We are loving these cooler days and soaking up every bit of the warm weather. Brandon has been taking the kids out to the backyard to play soccer multiple times a week and they just love it.

Kallie and Tyler planned for like a month to take Sophie and Maverik to Airborne and we finally made it happen. It was heaven for an hour!

On Conference Saturday Janice Sucher texted and invited us to come swim in her pool. So much fun watching Ava swim on her own.


Tuesday, September 29, 2020


We signed Tyler up for Orem soccer and then last minute decided to switch him to Vineyard. Best decision we ever made. He lucked out with two super great coaches and had a great time playing. We just parked at Dallin's house and walked the back way in so we never had to deal with parking, and then Brandon's parents could watch 4 of their grandkids play soccer all in the same place.

Tyler's coaches took all these pictures for us! So awesome. Tyler is the fastest runner ever. Like he beats out his entire class at school in PE when they do races and he beat his entire team when they raced at practice. He is so good and so fun to watch!


Sunday, September 27, 2020

Tyler and Kallie turn 8!!

Jackson gives the cutest hugs...

Love him so much!

Picture day at school. We didn't order pictures. Never do.

Back to St. George for another vacation, a month after the last one. This time all the cousins came along. Like all the cousins that live in Utah. We filled up both units and had a good time together.

Went on a hike that wasn't very much fun, but at least we did something different than just swim all day every day. :)

Ava fell asleep eating a bowl of cereal for dinner. :) She swam her little heart out and it wiped her right out!

I made some brownies and we sang happy birthday to Tyler and Kallie.

No breakfast in bed this year but we did bring their presents down and they were so excited to open them!

A quick little birthday swim and then we drove home.

Jackson rarely sleeps in the car but he did take a quick nap for part of the way home.


Sunday, September 20, 2020

Baptism Photo Shoot

One Sunday we decided to get Tyler and Kallie dressed up and walk over to the church to take pictures of them for their baptism. They turned out so cute!!!! We are super excited for their baptism.