Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Random September

We sure have enjoyed going swimming with my friend Elleny this summer. She has keys to a complex right by our house with the most incredible pool. So perfect for my kids at these ages.

Sure do love our Ava baby!

Ava is standing all the time now and will walk with the walker sometimes. Still crawls around mostly.

Kallie and Tyler got a little naughty when they had a friend over and decided to color all over our neighbors' house with sidewalk chalk. I was mortified. I made them say sorry and clean it up.

Mckinley loves to mix her sodas. Root beer and fruit punch. She called it fruit beer.

Ava does the cute little scrunched nose face.

We had a great night up Provo Canyon celebrating my mom's 70th birthday.

Girls Cabin Trip

Every couple of years my mom plans a girls night cabin trip for all the Stum cousins. This year I took Mckinley and Kallie and left Ava home with Brandon.

Selfie on the drive up.

My mom planned a cute treasure hunt for all the kids.

It was a quick 24 hour trip but we had a good time.

Had fun out on the lake in the paddle boat and inflatable kayak.

2nd Grade

Mckinley started 2nd Grade on August 22. She was soooo excited after meeting her teacher the night before. She is out in a trailer and thinks that is super cool. A few kids from her class last year are in her class again.

I was worried she might have a rough transition to school like last year but she has done great and is just loving it. I mean, she doesn't necessarily love having to go to school every day, but every day when I ask her how school was her answer is always "awesome."

Aunt Amy

The kids seriously had so much fun while we were gone on our cruise. My sisters took them everywhere.

Crafts at Home Depot

Swimming at the Springville Reservoir

Swimming at the Lindon Pool

Lindon Days Parade

Carnival for Lindon Days

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Boat Life

Our time on the boat was very relaxing. I took lots of naps, we read lots, and ate lots and lots.

Towel animals by the pool.

Carnival's famous melting chocolate cake.

Finally back at LA and everyone is getting back up to date with real life.

Our kids made us a side walk chalk welcome home sign on our driveway. Ava gave us the best reaction when we got back. She couldn't stop smiling and laughing.

Cute Mexican dress for Ava!