Wednesday, November 21, 2018


November was a pretty low key month with me trying to take it easy and being super sick and throwing up all evening every evening.

We did venture out one night on a double date to the BYU basketball game to sit court side and have dinner and everything. We brought Neil and Rebecca with us. I felt sick the entire time but was able to hold off throwing up until we got home. Ugh, the joys of morning sickness.

Some beautiful flowers a neighbor brought over. We seriously have the best ward/neighborhood you could ever ask for.

Kallie set up a romantic dinner for me and Brandon.


A note Kallie left by Mckinley's bedroom door. So sweet!

Tyler and Kallie posing and drawing each other. Ha ha. I love these two. They play together all day every day and I'm so grateful they entertain each other so well. Tyler does pretty well always being surrounded by girls, poor thing.

Another night we ventured out was when Lincoln and Megan invited us to go to the University Mall when they were turning on their Christmas lights. It was freezing and once again I felt like crap the whole time but at least our kids got to make a few memories in the month of November.

This is Ava's cute begging face. She does it all the time, anytime she wants anything that you originally say no to.

I took the three littles out for smoothies. We get two smoothies split into four cups and it's perfect because Kallie and Ava never finish theirs so I get plenty!

Kallie and Tyler got to go to a fun birthday party at Classic Skating.

Tyler lost his first tooth at the end of November!

This little cutie pie has us all wrapped around her finger. She is such a good kid. She's been the best sleeper ever since she was just weeks old. Sleeps almost 12 hours at night and takes a good 3 hour nap during the day. She is so fun to be with and totally plays with the big kids all the time and does just fine. She talks sooo much and it's so fun to see all the new words she learns every day.

My mom invited us to a night in Bethlehem. The kids learned how to weave baskets, weave rugs, make lamps out of clay, saw some animals, and a little production of the nativity. Ava has been asking ever since to go see Mary and the baby Jesus again.

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Bed Rest and Halloween

Right after the funeral/birthday weekend we had a 7 week ultrasound for the baby and everything looked great. We had been worried because my progesterone levels were low. And progesterone is what keeps you pregnant. But the happiness only lasted one day. I woke up the next day bleeding and bled the whole day. I had another ultrasound and Dr. Foulk told me my placenta was lifting up and he put me on bed rest.

Here is a glorious picture of me after being on bed rest for many days with no shower. My mom helped us a lot (Karen was out of town) and even ended up taking my kids to the cabin for Fall Break for three days (all except Ava) which was so helpful! We had all sorts of neighbors taking our kids and bringing us dinner. It was so amazing.

We had another ultrasound that Friday and things were looking a little better and I hadn't bled any more since Tuesday so I was told I could walk, but not very far.

Brandon, Ava and I ventured out for lunch on Saturday while the big kids were still gone at the cabin.

I thought I was doing really well till I started bleeding again the next Tuesday and passing some big clots. Again, we thought it was a miscarriage. But an ultrasound the next day showed that the baby was doing fine, but that there was a lot of blood in there to come out. So I took it really easy again the rest of that week. Brandon picked up all the slack and pretty much did everything. Such an amazing guy.

This is a random picture, but these kids sure won't be able to fit in the tub all together much longer. Mckinley actually never takes baths anymore, but Brandon was on duty so he just had they all take a bath together. In fact, our big three kids pretty much shower all the time now. They just had so much dirt in their finger nails that we wanted to soak out.

I only bled on Tuesday that week again and then no more after that. We went in on Monday this week for our 9 week ultrasound, not really sure what to expect. We took the kids with us though because they wanted to see the baby (we sure hoped for a heart beat for them to listen to) and the baby looked great! It was measuring 9 weeks 3 days and had a healthy heart beat of over 180. There is still a bleed in there so I still have a few restrictions but for the most part I can be up and about and live a normal life again. Finally. Such a relief! This was the first time we felt like we could really celebrate this pregnancy. So Brandon and I went out to dinner the next night while Karen babysat.

Two days later was Halloween. I was so happy I could go to the school parade but man did I feel like crap!

Annie, Mckinley, Kennedy, Ellie. Cute friends!

The kids were excited to go trick or treating.

I wasn't going to go out at all but I really didn't want to miss out on Ava's first year trick or treating. And it was so fun to watch her. She was so cute, always saying "thank you." I came back to the house before too long with Ava and passed out candy the rest of the night. She was adorable then too, wanting to put candy in the trick or treaters baskets. She is at such a fun age and we just can't get enough of her!!!

Friday, October 12, 2018

Ava Turns 2!

We had a great time celebrating Ava's second birthday. We started her off with breakfast in bed.

Then opened presents.

She got a baby doll stroller and a backpack her size.

Later that afternoon we went to Jaker's pumpkin patch with my mom and sisters.

I didn't realize it until I was looking at pictures from her first birthday, but that's where we took her when she turned 1 as well.

The day after her birthday was the BYU Homecoming parade. Most of Brandon's family was up in Canada for Brandon's Grandpa Salmon's funeral. Brandon stayed back because we were at a pretty critical point with this new pregnancy, which I probably haven't mentioned yet on this blog.

Austin was holding Ava's hand during the parade and helping her get candy. What a great older cousin!