Monday, April 17, 2017

Easter 2017

Ava is our first thumb sucker and I absolutely love it. It is the cutest thing ever and super convenient to have her sooth herself instead of me having to give her the binki a million times. But mostly it's just adorable.

Tyler still falls asleep in super weird places. One day my kids will stop napping, right?

So spring break came and I was super sad that we didn't plan a trip and go somewhere warm! Boo. The weather wasn't great, but we had a fun week anyway. Lunch at Chick-Fil-A, swimming at the Orem Rec Center, playing on the playground at the Provo Rec Center, movie in the theater with friends, and who knows what else. I can't remember.

Ava with her cousin Rayne, who is 4 months younger, and such a teeny tiny baby.

Mckinley is seriously so gung ho about holidays, it's a little intense. She has so many ideas and plans and hopes and dreams for every holiday. I do what I can, but she is always disappointed because I never do enough. We did make these no bake cookies with jelly beans to look like eggs in a bird's nest. Last year we added peeps to them as well but decided to skip those this year.

We finally got some outdoor furniture! Talk about eating with a view! It has been so fun to eat meals out on the deck.

Mckinley learned how to ride a bike! She is loving it! She learned so quick and it was a lot better of an experience than I imagined it would be. We have spent a lot of time at the park where she loves to ride around the mile long loop with Brandon.

Ava grabbing Brandon's cheeks! She is the cutest funnest baby ever and we all just adore her.

Look at that beautiful babe! Ava has been so awesome lately. She's a great sleeper, great eater, and so much happier during the day. We are all just loving her so much.

Kallie drew a picture of Mckinley. So sweet! Mckinley continues to be an amazing artist. Like so good it's almost scary. Kallie is getting quite good too and I feel bad but I rarely take pictures of anything they draw, there is just so much of it all around the house!

Ava turned 6 months old last week so we started feeding her rice cereal. She doesn't seem interested yet but I'm sure she'll get the hang of it soon.

I came inside to check on Ava drinking her bottle and found that Kallie had made her a crown out of magnets. So cute! Kallie is still completely obsessed with Ava and can't keep herself away.

Easter came and the kids had so much fun at the Grandview 6th ward egg hunt, a tradition we have not missed since Mckinley was born.

So fun to be there with cousins! There was a funeral inside the church so we ate breakfast outside, which worked out quite well. We had a blast.

Ava's smile is so stinking cute!

Easter Sunday. Mckinley was so worried the Easter Bunny didn't come to our house on Easter morning because she didn't see any eggs anywhere but then we looked a little harder and found a note from the Easter Bunny sending them on a treasure hunt where they eventually found their easter baskets and new outfits down in the theater room. It was "the best Easter ever."

After church we headed over to Brandon's parents' house for the Easter egg hunt. They go all out and we always have so much fun over there. After waiting forever for the rest of the cousins to come, we were able to start and the kids had a great time getting as many eggs as they could.

We had such a great Easter this year. Mckinley made this super amazing craft showing the guards at Jesus' tomb, the angel, and then the stone rolls away from the tomb, and Jesus is lying down and then twists to be standing up when He was resurrected. She came up with it all on her own and it is absolutely amazing. I took a video of her doing it but I need to take a picture so I can post it here. Mckinley amazes us every day. She is seriously not like any other child her age. She is so incredible. She loves everything about life and makes us so happy. We feel so lucky to be her parents.

Tyler and Kallie are learning so much. They have loved Joy School this year and they play together really well. They absolutely love Ava. Kallie is pretty rough with her and Tyler is so soft and sweet, which goes along with their personalities. Kallie loves to be naughty and gets in trouble a lot. Tyler still crashes and take late naps on the couch a lot. They love to play with cousins.

Ava has learned how to sit up, roll over, she has two teeth, and is thriving. She doesn't laugh very easily but she smiles all the time. She is starting to learn how to hold her own bottle. She is not super comfortable around other people than us, but that's because she rarely spends time with anyone else. We just love her to death and are so glad she's ours. We absolutely love where we live and are so happy with our lives right now.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017


I am really starting to hate blogging. It's such a pain to get all the pictures uploaded, find the ones you want to post, post them, and then I always know there are pictures on Brandon's phone that don't make it here. And I hate doing a whole month at a time. We did get a new computer and it took a while to get all our pictures switched over and stuff. Anyway, here are some random March pictures.

Tyler with his new cousin Rayne. She is sooooo tiny. Pictures don't even do it justice.

Kallie and Kayler.

Kallie holding Rayne.

Mckinley's valentine that she hid from me for THREE weeks! Ha ha.

Mckinley whips out artwork like this all the time out of nowhere. I don't know where her talent came from but I love it!

The day Tyler got a bunch of hand me down t-shirts and decided to wear about 6 of them! And oh yes, he still falls asleep all the time. I need my kids to stop napping!

Kallie is always all over Ava. She put the Minnie ears on her.

Reading a book to Ava.

Cutest little hat ever!!!

This is how I often have to make dinner. She is still a little fussy thing! Although not near as fussy as she was a few months ago. So we'll take it. Ava is still an amazing sleeper and she really is so much better during the day. Just not one of those babies who can sit in a chair for an hour playing with toys. She definitely doesn't do that.

Kallie and Tyler always want to help bathe her.

These two have been such trouble makers lately and really bad at listening to their parents! Sheesh!

Nice day at the park.

Tyler put the Doc McStuffins tent on Ava. Ha ha ha.

Holding tiny baby Rayne.

Ava's first time on a swing.

Ava finally discovering that her feet are attached to her body!

I don't have hardly any pictures of Mckinley this month! She is such a doll, always so polite and obedient and helpful. Kallie is starting to get on her nerves though so they are fighting more these days.

Oh Kallie, she is the naughtiest little girl. But so awesome at times.

Kinley and I on our date. Hot tubbing at Jason's.

The kids love playing with Abby and Sophie.

Tyler and Kallie wash their feet in Kallie's sink after playing outside.

Learning to sit!

Finally discovered those feet and always plays with them when she is getting her clothes changed.

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

More February

Cutie Ava. Such a naughty baby, but oh so cute.

I put Kallie's hair in braids one day and it lasted for the next 6 days. She has the most incredible hair.

The Bean Museum is always a hit for our kids. We went when we had a day off of school, President's Day or something.

Mckinley's Moana painting. This girl is so incredibly artistic. Kallie is following in her footsteps as well.

Brandon and I got to sit on the 2nd row at the Jazz game. Such a great night! My parents babysat and Ava cried for 2 hours. Yikes.

My mission companion Camile got to go back to the Philippines. She was so nice to get pictures and videos for me from some of my favorite people. She kept me informed the whole trip of how everything was going and who she had seen and it was seriously the next best thing if I couldn't be there myself. It was incredible to relive some of my mission memories. So amazing!!!