Saturday, February 22, 2020

More February

We took the kids to Hangtime on President's Day when there was no school. We hadn't been for over 2 years and it has changed a lot. They all hada great time!

Kallie and Sophie are the best little friends and told me on this day, "It's just so hard to say goodbye!"

Getting bigger and bigger.


Mckinley got to go to Lowe's Extreme Sports for her friend Kailyn's birthday party.

While she was gone I fell getting off the hover board and broke my wrist. Bad. More to come on that later.

Friday, February 14, 2020


The kids got all excited to dress up for 100 day at school. Each of them had an item from a great grandparent.

Kristen and her kids came over after school on a snowy day to go sledding and play out in the snow. I stayed inside with Jackson and Harley and everyone had a great time.

It sure is great being home with just these two every day.

The kids wanted creative valentines boxes and I had a blast making them.

Had to document the day we were all duped into taking pictures of our standing broom sticks thinking that the earth's gravitational pull was extra strong. Lol.

Mckinley hasa great group of friends and had a fun late night with them at our house.

First time sitting up in the cart!

Pink heart pancakes for the kids for Valentines dinner before Brandon and I headed off to the church for our couples dinner activity. Pictures from that aren't pulling up on here for some reason.

Saturday, January 18, 2020


Brandon got a gift card to Texas Roadhouse for his birthday from my parents. We took all the kids and had a great time.

Brandon on the saddle.

Tyler and Mckinley started basketball in January and Brandon is coaching both their teams. Its been a lot of fun and nice to have something to do on Saturdays in the yucky winter.

We decided Jackson looks like Jack Jack with his hair spiked and like Boss Baby with his hair down.

Tyler's games are at vineyard and Mckinley's are at Franklin so it is a rush when they are back to back which they usually are.

Took the kids to Nuskin one day for a vitamin taste test. It was fun to see Grandpa at work.

Tyler got a handsome haircut from our neighbor.

We went to Pizza Factory for Brandon's birthday and decided sadly we might be done with that place. They don't have our favorite pizzaand salad deal anymore.

I was so lucky to be able to meet up with my friend Lisa when she came to Utah for her Grandpa/s birthday. A big snow storm almost scared me away from driving to Salt Lake but I'm so glad I went because the roads were totally fine and it was so fun catching up with her. I took full advantage of Jackson's sleeping in his car seat phase while it lasted.

Jackson growing up!

Monday, January 6, 2020

Brandon turns 36!

I wasted no time at all getting the new diamond art picture and puzzle we got for Christmas taken care of.

I'm so glad the kids still love the Bean Museum. It has been entertaining us for a decade! Jackson enjoyed sitting up in the stroller and seeing everything. I love these kids so so much.

They had Santa hats on the giraffes.

Brandon's birthday was on Saturday, which I thought was pretty great. Friday night his parents babysat while we went to dinner. We wanted to go to a movie too but ended up going to dinner with some neighbors and just sitting and chatting for three hours. There weren't any seats left at the movie anyway so it worked out well for us.

His birthday started out with him helping make breakfast and then hopping in bed so we could bring it to him, ha ha. He is the best!!!! The kids were all so excited to celebrate him.

So we had breakfast, relaxed at home for a bit, went to lunch at Taco Bell and went and saw Spies in Disguise as a family. We were going to go to Texas Roadhouse for dinner (my parents had given him a gift card to go there) but we were too full so we just had food at home (delicious omeletes made by Brandon on his birthday). Oh, I also took a nap that afternoon while he did dishes. I suck at celebrating his birthday. That evening Jason and Shannon offered to watch all of our kids so we went and saw Knives Out. Movies are definitely one of our favorite things so it seemed appropriate to go to two of them for his birthday. I didn't even realize until the next day that I hadn't even thought of a birthday cake. And he didn't have a single present. I am the worst.

Ava started primary yesterday. She was so cute and loved sunbeams!

Then today she had her first dental check up.

This guy has been so happy since he's not sick anymore! He's still needy, but definitely easier than he used to be.

Mckinley started piano lessons. She is really good! I hope she falls in love with it. Time will tell.

Tyler had a pretty scary run in with a stick while he was sledding. We almost took him to get stitches but decided to just go to Karen's and she put some steri strips on it instead. It seems to be healing okay. We are so glad it wasn't worse!!!