Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Gingerbread Houses

Ava split her lip open on a drawer in the kitchen and I had to take her to go get it glued shut. The glue lasted till the next morning and then fell off. :( I hope it heals okay.

She loves climbing inside this basket and just sitting there.

Brandon and I were on the committee for our ward Christmas party. We didn't have to do too much work luckily, but helped out where we could. The kids always love seeing Santa and Mrs. Claus.

Kristen gave us two adorable church Christmas dresses for Ava.

My mom invited all the kids over yesterday to make gingerbread houses. With graham crackers. My mom is more ambitious than I am! They had a lot of fun and made cute houses.


She wanted "Love" written on the side.



Christmas is almost here! I can hardly wait!


Ross got some free bowling coupons for all of us and we went and had a fun family night at BYU, with Wendy's after for dinner. We are so grateful for all the opportunities Ross provides for us to go and have fun together as a family.

The kids had more fun playing on the arcade games and sometimes grumbled when it was their turn to come and bowl, ha ha.

Yet somehow through all of that, all three of my kids scored higher than I did. I had a terrible game.

 Such a fun experience though. Fun memories!

Ava of course was a maniac wandering everywhere, not wanting to be contained. I love that I caught a picture of her up on her tippy toes. She walks on her tippy toes every now and then and it's so cute. She also is obsessed with this purple necklace and will wear it the whole day sometimes. She is always the one to put it on herself.

Holiday Time

Cute cousins watching a show together. Sophie is Kallie's BFF. 

These are some of my favorite pajamas that both Kallie and Mckinley wore as well. Ava slips on our wood floor in footie pajamas so they work especially well for her. Ava is so cute and so grown up. She eats whatever we eat, and she can down a lot of food! She has started to get pretty whiny and wants to be held a lot. But since the other three kids are pretty self sufficient and there's just one of her, not two, it's pretty easy to give in and hold her a lot. And I just love her so much. She has teeth all over the place. Six on top, five on bottom right now. Three of those are molars.

The girls in their matching leggings Aunt Kristen made them. Seriously impossible to get Ava to hold still for a picture. I have so many blurry pictures of her.

December's craft at Home Depot was a cute wooden gingerbread house. The kids had so much fun making them, and then when we walked out to leave Santa was there for pictures and they had cookies and chocolate milk. So fun!

Mckinley's craftiness blows me away again and again. She made these adorable cards for her siblings. The white part on this tree is toilet paper. :)

Kallie's note is about a present, and the card is a present.

Tyler's note is about Rudolph. She made these cards completely by herself. So adorable and so sweet.

Mckinley was begging to decorate for Christmas so we actually ended up taking our Thanksgiving stuff down the day before Thanksgiving and putting all of Christmas up. We bought a new tree at the end of the season last year and it was so fun to get it out and see how much better it looks than our smaller tree we've had for the last 11 years. We put it in the front entrance for the first time too and I love seeing the lights from the window outside. I am so excited for Christmas! My favorite time of year.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Park City Getaway

We were able to take a really fun short trip to Park City the Sunday after Thanksgiving. Ross booked a place for a week and our family went and stayed Sunday and Monday nights. The place was amazing as always and we had a blast.

All the kids wanted to do of course was swim, swim, swim. So that's what we did!

Brandon left on Monday and went to work so I was up there with the kids alone. They had some fun craft things we could go do and we spent time playing in the game room, and of course, more swimming!

The kids made little hideouts in the hotel and thought it was really fun to eat their lunch in there.

The place we stayed at was right on Main Street and we attempted a walk around but it was FREEZING so we didn't go too far.

By Tuesday the twins got up the courage to swim without their floaties! It was a major break through and so fun to watch them learn to swim on their own. Tyler is so daring and does flips into the water, even without floaties. We are excited to go swimming again soon and let them practice what they learned. We sure loves these Park City trips that give our kids the chance to swim a lot. There's nothing they would rather do more.

The pool was indoor/outdoor and it was so warm and so fun to swim outside, even when it was snowing out there. We were glad to be able to spend some time with Ross there.

Friday, November 24, 2017


Emily hosted us for Thanksgiving this year and it was so awesome. She had the place all decked out and it looked really festive and awesome.

Dinner was amazing and I continue to enjoy easy assignments like a jello salad and a store bought pie!

Mckinley called my mom before we left and begged her for the turkey drumstick. Ha ha. This girl is seriously obsessed with turkey.

After we ate we walked down the street to their school and played on the playground. The weather was phenomenal!!!

Kristen made these cute turkey cookies for everyone.

Ava took a short morning nap that day but it wasn't enough and she fell asleep in the car on the way home. I got to sit and hold her like this while the kids went hot tubbing at Jason and Shannon's with their cousins that evening. Such a great Thanksgiving day!