Monday, October 1, 2018

Park City

The day after those birthday parties we went to Park City to stay for 2 nights at the Mountainside resort. Lincoln and Megan had stayed there the previous 2 nights for their anniversary so we met up with them and swam together and made s'mores before they left.

The kids had so much fun in the game room whenever we weren't swimming.

I think a lot of the pictures we took are on Brandon's phone and I don't have them yet, but we had a blast swimming. The twins are getting so good at swimming on their own. And Ava can float around in a puddle jumper now so swimming is easy and awesome!

We went to the olympic training park for the first time and watched a bunch of skiers do jumps and tricks and land in the pool. It was awesome!

Found Aunt Summer in the museum, ha ha!

We got Dominoes for dinner and watched TV in the hotel room while we ate.

The leaves were so beautiful. It was a little cold and rained a lot while we were there but the pool was heated and there are a bunch of hot tubs so it was no problem. We had such a great time! So fun to get away. Mckinley was so sad to miss two days of school, lol.

Saturday, September 29, 2018

Two six year olds!

Tyler and Kallie turned six! 

They got their usual mickey mouse pancakes in bed and I made them pancakes in the shape of a number 6 as well. They were of course super excited about their birthday.

We got them simple presents since we were having birthday parties for them two days later.

My parents wanted to take them somewhere fun so we kept Mckinley home from school and spent the morning at Coconut Cove, which of course they loved.

I got to go to their classroom and talk about them and bring birthday treats.

Then that evening we went out to dinner at the Pizza Factory.

Their amazing primary teacher got them cupcakes.

The next day we took them to Build a Bear for the first time ever. They thought it was pretty cool.

The day after that was Saturday, party day. We had a party for Kallie first with all girls. They were so adorable and had a great time.

We kept it simple and did pin the tail on the donkey, duck duck goose, cake and ice cream, presents, and a treasure hunt.

We had a 30 minute break and then Tyler's party started. It was so crazy to see the difference between the girl party and the boy party. The boys were insane and couldn't sit still and wouldn't listen to us and it was just crazy! Ha ha. But still fun.

They pretty much did the same thing. Tyler and Kallie both loved their parties and I'm so glad we could do that for them finally.

Saturday, September 22, 2018

Salt to Saint

Brandon rode in the Salt to Saint bike relay with his brothers and dad for the third year in a row. This year we decided to all go down and stay for a day after the race. It was a fun short trip.

I drove with the kids and met up with all the bikers off the freeway in Nephi. This is us in the back of the RV.

I was really proud of myself for driving alone with my 4 kids down to St. George. Shannon, Shellee, Annie, and I all stayed at a condo with our kids the first night while the bikers were still on their way.

It was a tight squeeze with 4 adults and 12 kids!

The next morning we went and saw the bikers come through the finish line.

While Brandon and Ava napped, I took the big three kids to see my friend Kristen. We had such a great afternoon together!

The kids loved swimming and Tyler went floatie free and was swimming all over the pool. Kallie swam a lot on her own but didn't really go to the deep end. And Ava is finally happy wearing floaties! A milestone for sure.

On Sunday we drove to the St. George temple and walked around the grounds and talked to our kids about the things we do inside temples.