Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Best Uncle EVER!

I think my neices and nephews are the luckiest kids in the world because they have the best uncle ever! Brandon! I'm pretty sure he is everybody's favorite uncle (no offense to any of my brothers). Every time we get together with my family Brandon is always playing with the little kids, chasing them around and building forts and just anything they want to do. I think it's adorably cute and I'll tell you something, this kid is going to be the best dad in the whole world! Hopefully SOON!! Here's a picture with him playing with Brecken and Kai a few sundays ago.

Wondering where Brandon is? He's underneath all the pillows!

I'm not sure who had more fun. Brandon or the boys.
One of my favorite things to hear is Kai when he yells "Bwandon!!!" every time he sees us. Brandon is so great with kids and I just love watching him play with them. Our kids are going to have the best childhood ever. At least whenever he's around. I love you Bran!


The Alands said...

Good luck with closing tomorrow. I can't wait for our party Saturday at your house so I can sit on your fancy new couches. I forgot what time.

Jason and Shannon Salmon said...

That must be a "Salmon" thing because Jason is the exact same way with my nephews! I love it!