Monday, April 7, 2008

Mission Reunion

I went to my mission reunion on Friday night and had such a good time there! It was amazing to see President and Sister Biddulph and a ton of other people I knew (including Jocelyn, my old college roommate whose husband happened to have served in my mission...I had no clue). We had a great program, I was called on by surprise to say the closing prayer...and then asked to do it in Ilonggo, yeah, that was a bit scary. I don't feel like my Ilonggo is that great after being home for three years! We had some amazing banana splits and watched a video that Elder Hopkins put together of everyone's pictures. It was so cool! Here are some pictures of me and some of my very favorite people!!! I know Brandon (and probably a lot of you) is going to think this is way too many pictures but I just can't leave anyone out. These people mean a lot to me!

Elder and Sister Hopkins. I love love love these guys! They saved my life my first 6 months in the mission, helping me get our toilet to flush and a million other things.

President Biddulph - the best mission president in the whole world!!

Sister Biddulph - the best mission mom I could have ever imagined. She saved my life when I was in the hospital by bringing me "real food" every day!

Sister Oliver (now Alexis Sorenson) at the amazing banana split bar.

Beau McDonald.

Nelson Atagi.

Sister Krajewski (now Laura Lunt). So so so good to see you again!

Camile Kellogg. Thanks so much for riding up with me Camile and keeping me company! You're the best!!!

Elder and Sister Boyse. We had the most amazing couples in our mission!

Elder Hutchings. This guy blew us all out of the water with the language in the MTC!

Elder Merkley and Elder Hale. Kari-Lynn, Liz, and Alexis: All I can do is smile. Remember Bago?

Totally wasn't expecting Jocelyn to be there!!

Elder Bowman.

Kimberly Sechser.

Elder and Sister Mounteer. These guys had to take over being mission president when President Biddulph had to go home early unexpectedly. Can you imagine?!!!
Well sorry to anyone who thought this was a boring post but going to my mission reunion was honestly one of the most exciting things I've been able to do in a long time...besides Florida. ;)


Jennie said...

Not a boring post. I forgot about mission reunions this weekend. I don't think we had one this time. So I looked at your pics on facebook before here, so you can disregard me asking how Jocelyn was there, you answered that here. I'm glad you got to be there and speak a little of the language.

Jon and Kari-Lynn Tarleton said...

I'm so sad I missed this. I decided to go and then it was saturday morning, I woke up and was like "OH CRAP" I totally missed it. So sad but I'm glad you guys had fun. You'll have to tell me all about it on saturday at the bbq. See ya.

Jason and Shannon Salmon said...

That is quite the post. You look really happy in all those pictures. You must have had a good time!

Hannah S said...

Don't apologize! This is one of the biggest parts of your life, and one not to forget. And it's good for others to see! I forget sometimes when certain people, especially sisters, for some reason, serve missions.
And you look great! You've lost weight. And you look elated at being there. Was Brandon there too?

Mike and Lisa said...

I love you pictures. And I want you to know that I open up your blog and leave it open all day so I can listen to music!! ha ha, you have good songs on your blog!

Jensen Family said...

STEPH!! i'm so glad you found my blog! now i can look at yours :) How are you doing? you and your hubby are so cute ♥ i know i can't believe BryLee is 1 goes by so fast!! she's so fun! so good to hear from you, keep in touch!

Stacey said...

I love all the pictures and it really shows how much you loved the mission. You are so stinkin' cute that I don't want to even hear it.

Kris said...

looks like so much fun! And you look dang skinny girl. way to go on working out (although you were skinny to begin with)!

Jake and Mal said...

Dang! I wish I was up there so I could have gone to my mission reunion with Brandon!

Gary said...

I'll tell Elder Hutchings hi for you because I see him everyday at school. He is my TA and went to Altanta with me. Crazy.

Laurel said...

So, Beau McDonald was on your mission? How random is that?

Joanna said...

Is that Jocelyn from when I was up there? If it is- she looks way different. Do you know if your old roommate Laura has a blog? I would love to talk to her or email her.