Friday, January 2, 2009

2009...Bring it On!!

New Years has come and gone. Now we don't have any paid holidays to look forward to till May. That's a little depressing. Oh well, we'll survive. We always do.

We had Chinese food on New Years Eve, as is tradition with Brandon's family. Then we watched Kung Fu Panda (can you ever watch that movie too many times?) and went to First Night in Provo. First Night is really cool....if you're in high school. Which we're not. But hey, it was free so who can complain? Next year I think we'll just show up in the parking lot in time to see the ball drop and the fireworks and not even bother going inside the mall.
Brandon and I before the ball dropped.
The dropped ball and fireworks.
The dropped ball and Brandon's breath. It was FREEZING out there!
Hope everyone had a great New Years!


Jennie said...

Cool picture with his breath. And sad to hear about no paid holidays until May, you need work for a bank like me and get one in Jan and Feb.