Monday, July 20, 2009

Old School meets New School

We have recently had both sets of parents come over to play the Wii. I'm not sure which was more fun, playing it, or watching them play it.
Brandon's mom and dad playing baseball.

Brandon kicking Steph's butt at baseball.

My dad bowling. He killed us all.

Check out my mom's moves. Ha ha, I love it. So serious.

This weekend was quite eventful. Friday night we spent the evening at Brandon's parents house hanging out with Ryan and Jess who are back again from Canada. We brought the Wii over there and played a few games on it and then we did an outdoor movie but I slept through most of it.
Saturday Brandon and I got up really early and went and walked 5 miles on the river trail. We came home and made waffles for breakfast, then went and test rode a few bikes. I am getting really excited and I think we might actually make our purchase this year!
Saturday afternoon we went out on Utah Lake with the jet ski's and had a blast. We went to a picnic after that and then my friend Jessica and I hiked the Y while Brandon went and hung out with his friends. This was Jessica's first time hiking the Y.
Here we are at the parking lot before the hike.

Up at the top of the Y with red, sweaty faces.

On the way down from the Y we walked right by a rattle snake and it rattled at us! We both screamed so loud and just ran as fast as we could away from the snake. It was pretty scary. It was on my side of the trail, probably about 4 feet away from me. We were so freaked out the rest of the way down. Neither of us had ever seen a rattle snake before and I hope to never see one again!!!!
Sunday we went to dinner at my parents' house. I am trying to get in as much time as I can with them before they leave on their mission in exactly 1 week from today. Yikes!
Tomorrow I am off to Girl's Camp for the rest of the week....wish me luck.


Stacey said...

I have never hike the Y either. I want to come next time. It's so funny watching older people play things like the wii. We should get together when you get back and have a wii party and hang out. We keep talking about it but never do it. Have fun at girls camp.

Jennie said...

You sure did fit in a lot that weekend. I can't believe your parents leave already.

Butler Family said...

have fun at girls camp steph I'll miss you!!

Jilleen said...

So did we miss them speaking in church too like we missed Dennis and Polly? We don't get the info. sometimes...

Have fun at girls camp!

Trent & Emily Davies said...

It is definitely more entertaining to watch people play Wii! The faces they make and the things they do with their bodies is hilarious to watch!! Have fun at girls camp!

Mark and Mandi said...

You and Jess are soo hot! I can't wait to see you again :D

Emily said...

i love the wii..and i love that it appeals to all generations! so fun. have fun at girls camp, i wish i could have gone to mine, but i got released a little too early. and enjoy every moment with your parents, that's crazy they're leaving so soon!!! i feel like you just announced their call! at least it's not like young people's missions. you can talk to and contact your parents a lot more, so that will be nice!