Monday, November 30, 2009


Thanksgiving weekend was awesome. What's not to love about FOUR days off of work? We slept in every day and just relaxed with family playing games and watching movies and anything else we felt like.

We had our official Thanksgiving dinner on Wednesday night.

Here are the peeps:

The food and activities:

We played Disney scene it and Battle of the Sexes after dinner.
We also went to 2 BYU basketball games last week.

We saw Blind Side on Saturday and Brandon went to the BYU Utah game.
And I'm sure we did a bunch of other stuff but that's all I got for now.


Tara said...

Hey Steph! Thanksgiving looks like fun...and yummy. I can't believe Brynlee's hair is in pig tails!! WHAT? She's looking so big!

Emily said...

Steph don't I at least get a shout out for my gravy? j/k :)

Laura said...

How fun. I just love thanksgiving! Next time you need to post a picture of your cute belly. Since I am so far away, I wont get to see you big!!!